A few of the many features available at Heathrow Terminal 2


Heathrow’s first Terminal Building was Terminal 2 was opened in 1955 and was christened the Europa Building. After more than 4 decades of operating successfully it was closed down in November 2009 with major plans to renovate the entire complex. After redeveloping and renovating the terminal extensively it once again became fully functional on June 4, 2014 and was renamed as “The Queen’s Terminal”.

Before its shutdown there were a total of 30 airlines that used to operate from T2 and it served approximately a little over 8.5 million passengers on an annual basis. After it was renovated and reopened, there are 26 major airlines that have been scheduled to operate from this terminal in the coming months. If you are flying from Terminal 2 and unsure as to which Terminal you need to check in to you can verify the same at the Heathrow Flight Departures page or also from your carrier airline.

Some of the other facilities and services that you will find at T2 include the following:

Hotels at The Queen’s Terminal

There are a number of hotels that are relatively close to Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 and guests can conveniently gain access to all the terminals. You will find a wide variety of accommodation options around the airport to suit your requirements. In fact most business travellers finding staying at a hotel close to Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 much more comfortable and hassle free, then at locations that are further away in the city of London.

Baggage Enquiries

In the event while travelling, if you exceed the prescribed limit of baggage your excess baggage can safely be stored with the Excess Baggage Company. They will charge you £8 per 24 hours besides also offering additional services like luggage shipping and courier etc. In case you lose any luggage while travelling or there is a delay in receiving it, you must inform your carrier airline at the earliest. You could also check with the lost luggage department at the arrivals desk. Trolleys are available for use free of cost, but cannot be taken through the security area. Porter services are available which cost £7 but is free for passengers with special needs.

Foreign Exchange

Changing currency and obtaining the best currency exchange rates can be a challenge for most travellers. You can exchange currency at T2 although it is generally one of the most expensive ways to exchange currency. If you order it online you can get the best online rates which will help you save a considerable sum of money. There are also other options like prepaid currency cards, credit and debit cards along with even a home delivery system.

Cash Facilities

You can avail of cash facilities anytime as there are numerous ATM machines that accept UK Bank and building society cards without any surcharge. There is a Travelex desk along with several ATM machines that dispense cash at different points in T2.

Communication Facilities

There are several communication points available in different parts of Terminal 2 which include 2 Internet Access facilities, payphone kiosks and even postal services available.

Information Points

For help with any information you might require there are 02 information points in the T2 Check-in area at Level 5. There are also 02 information desks at the Departures area on Level 5. There is an additional information helpdesk at Arrivals at Level 1 also. Terminal 2 also offer two meeting points which are in the check in area close to the 2 main entrances.

Medical Care

In case you need medical care of any sorts the airport has adequate facilities to take care of an emergency. All of the terminals are equipped with emergency phones. There is a health centre between Terminals 1 & 3 and numerous pharmacies at all terminals.

Toilets and Showers

You will find toilets for male, females and special needs passengers along with baby changing facilities at Level 4 at the Departures area and in all public and passengers areas which include Terminal 2B.At the arrivals area (Level 1) you will find toilets at the baggage reclaim area opposite the baggage carousels 2, 3 and 9, and near M&S Simply Food and Caffe Nero. There is also a baby care room situated beside the men’s toilets. At Level 5 check in toilets are on both sides and cover Zones A, B, C, D and Z.


You will find Check-in at T2 located on the top floor with flight arrivals present on Level 1. For departures you will find the check-in Level 5 (Check-in level) and Level 4. In case you are booked on an international flight, you will need to check in a minimum of 3 hours prior to departure. For flights within Europe the check in is a minimum of 2 hours. For all domestic flights the check in is a minimum of 90 minutes before the flight. Generally boarding is 45 minutes before take-off but you will to confirm the same with your airline operator.
Nowadays most airlines offer self service check-in and is simple and safe to use. It will save on valuable time and can be done at self service kiosks that are found next to the standard check-in desks.Of late most airlines are also the facility of online check-ins which again is a time saver and makes travelling less stressful. For further details about Terminal 2 you can get in touch with the Heathrow airport authorities.