An App can Save you Money


It is no secret that mobile apps are fast becoming necessities on our smartphones. From social media to games to exercise to books, apps cover all areas of our lives and they have now entered the realm of comparison sites. Building comparison apps gives the freedom to access them while on the move, which is incredibly useful if you are looking for discount hotels in Heathrow or restaurant in the area, and The Airport Parking Shop has acknowledged the useful nature of these types of app and have created the very first comparison app to compare airport parking prices.


 Airport Comparison

From autumn of this year, if you own a tablet or a smartphone and are adventuring away on holiday, you can download The Airport Parking Shop app. This app will list up to date prices and space availability on your chosen dates across 8 parking providers at 30 airports across Britain which makes it ideal for those travelling with business or for pleasure.

So why use The Airport Shop App? Well, because it is powered by TraviMix, a geo-located travel engine, it works incredibly fast to give you the best prices at that exact moment at airports like Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Manchester, Bristol, East Midlands and more. To get you the very best deal, this app will even compare other comparison parking sites to ensure that the customer really is getting the very best deal out of the 300 car parks that it covers.

The Story

The Airport Parking Shop has been running a parking comparison site for 11 years and has helped with over 1.5 million bookings in that time. They have helped save customers up to 60% off their parking costs at airports and ferry ports and aim to do exactly the same with their app.

As a business, The Airport Parking Shop has been watching the increase of smartphones and tablets and have recognised that, to keep up with the evolution of technology, that the next step in their business was to create an app. Following the trend that saw 8% of their users booking via a smartphone or a tablets in 2011 to 44% in 2014, they have predicted that at the beginning of 2015, at least 50% of their customers will be booking through this form of technology. Therefore, they decided to build the app to not only be mobile responsive but to also work on both Android and Apple to reach a wider audience.

Building the App

The key to a successful app is the quality of the building materials. The Airport Parking Shop Company understood this and found the impressive Ionic framework which is a technology that helps build hybrid mobile apps. Hybrid apps are thought to be much better than pure native apps as they have a much more complex platform support and development speed, and a better access to 3rd party code.

Another reason Ionic was chosen is due to the performance aspect. With a new app, performance issues are a constant worry and Ionic pride themselves on being obsessed with the performance of their apps. They also impressed The Airport Parking Shop with their tools and frameworks, such as their UI components and their use of SASS and AngularJS which have proven to be incredibly popular.

The app is now live and available on iPhones, tablets and Androids. Taking less than 14 days to complete, it will push the boundaries of comparison sites and will no doubt become an incredibly useful app for business travellers and holiday makers alike.

Parking apps to Hotel apps


Now you have your parking comparison app, it’s time to get some discount on your hotel stay. Staying at an airport hotel the night before your trip can be stressful to arrange due to the fact that there are so many of them, for example, discount hotels in Heathrow airport include Holiday inn, Park Grand London Heathrow, Hilton and that is just a mere handful. Trivago not only compares the best price by searching through hotel offers, but it also combs through hotel booking websites such as, and to find you the best deal.

If you are in need of accommodation in your current location, the Trivago app can locate you, show you the availability of rooms in the surrounding hotels and also compare their prices to ensure that you find the cheapest deal.


Another hotel comparison app is Kayak which is suitable for all forms of technology ranging from iPhone to Windows to Nokia. This app not only offers the best price on hotels, but it also compares deals on flights and hire cars, as well as tracking flights. It’s become one of the biggest downloaded travel apps with a figure of 17 million downloads under its belt. It has been noted by users that it is extremely easy to use and can often offer the best deals.

So for all of your travelling needs, these apps will take care of you, but remember, there may be many hotel comparison apps but there is only one parking app and that is The Airport Parking Shop app.