Attend the Beer Festival for getting a dose of thirst-quenching beers


Many countries across the globe are seen making beer an active part of their cultures. Beer is always there as a non-negligible factor witnessing the rejoicing attitude of the various cultures. Each and every country has a typical way of celebrating the brewing of beer during specific time of the year. This is known as the festival celebrating the brewing of the beer. The festival is mainly celebrated in the particular time of the year when the beer is produced. The beer festivals happen to be the best time of the year when one can taste an array of beers and also get to learn various interesting facts about the different kinds of beer and the history of their origin. Everybody loves beer and these festivals are great ways to try unusual beers. You can also interact with other beer lovers and brewers during this beer festival. You can also learn how to make beer at home by attending this festival which is all about making people aware of the several beers and their brewing procedures which are available all over the world.

beer festival

There are several beer festivals taking place throughout the world. England is famous for organizing the Great British Beer Festival every year in the month of August. This festival is held in the capital city of England. This is the largest and also considered to be one of the most famous beer festivals in England. This beer festival is mainly organized by CAMRA. It is basically the campaign for Real Ale. This is also one of the most visited beer festival in the world and is witnessed by about millions of travelers every year. if you are looking forward to visit London anytime in August, then make sure to attend the Beer Festival as this will let you interact with large number of travelers who can feed you with immense knowledge about the various brewing processes of beer. You can also pour in your experienced suggestions about the several numbers of beers which you have tasted. Even if you are an amateur in case of tasting beers, you will be able to have agood time among the others during the festival. The city of London is an extremely happening metropolis which surely knows how to make every traveler grow fondness for the city. Maybe this is the reason why millions of people are observed passing through the Heathrow International Airport every year. The format which the British follows for organizing their Beer Festival is totally different from that of the other countries’. For instance, German Oktoberfest flows entirely a different concept and it is also quite popular throughout the world. In U.K, Casks of ale are set up behind rows of tables from different brewers and the staff members are seen to be serving beer from the casks.

If you are really wondering which time should be ideal for making a quick trip to the city of London, then you can surely think of the summers as it is during the warmer months that the city is even to be donning a vibrant look and entertaining millions and millions of travelers visiting from different parts of the world by holding various festive events and programs. If you are a beer lover and love to experiment with various tastes of the drink then you can surely think of visiting London in the month of August for attending the Greta British Beer Festival which is considered as one of the most popular festivals taking place in England. If you are a true beer fan, then this festival is definitely for you. The event mainly runs for four days at a stretch and is put on by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA). This event in particular is observed to be housing various stalls and exhibitions from the giant names in the industry. The fun filled event is extremely popular among every beer lover who looks forward to decorate their headwear in the craziest way and go on displaying it in the parade. The visitors can try their taste buds on some 450 different types of beer which is quite amazing. Along with the beer, the visitors will be treated with a wide range of bar snacks and traditional drinking food at offer prices. In order to make sure that you do not miss visiting the grand beer festival for any reason, you must consider staying in a hotel which is located nearby to this event. The beer festival takes place in Earls Court which is one of the most famous London venues. Hence if you stay at a hotel nearby Earls Court, you will be able to enjoy the festival mood to the fullest. Park Grand London Heathrow is a cheap hotel located near Earls Court which lets every visitor enjoys quality time during their London trip. This luxurious hotel offer cheap accommodation facilities to the travelers making sure that they get all the necessary facilities required for having a pleasant stay in the world capital.

8th Ascot CAMRA BEER FESTIVAL was organized this year in the month of October. The experience has been fantastic and is going to linger on the mind for a lifetime. The Autumn Racing Weekend strives to offer the race goers with a memorable afternoon where they can celebrate more than 240 different types of ales, 30 ciders and parries. This year’s beer festival has been the most happening one till date. With more the 240 thirst- quenching alias, ciders and parries to sway your heart away, it would hardly be impossible to refrain yourself from not tasting the beers. If you haven’t been to any of the beer festivals as of yet then you make sure to grab a ticket well in advance in order to make sure that you do not get to miss the next beer festival too. For the true beer lovers, this festival is surely one which they should not think of missing as here they will be treated with different types of beers and the various numbers of brewing processes.