Best routes to travel to Central London

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London is a wonderful place that’s full of excitement and adventure. If you’re planning a trip away, it has a lot to offer. One common worry that many people have, however, is finding their way around such a busy city.

Luckily, if you’re staying at our hotels near Heathrow Airport, you’ll find that the Park Grand London Heathrow is simple to get to and easy to find. If you feel like a trip into the city centre during your stay, this handy travel guide will help you decide on the best way to get there.

underground train


One of the cheapest ways to get around London is the Underground system. The historic subterranean railway has been carrying tourists and commuters around the capital for decades and still remains one of the most popular forms of transport. If you’ve just landed at Heathrow Airport or you’re staying at the Park Grand London Heathrow and feel like exploring the inner city, you can hop straight on a Tube carriage and make your way into the heart of Central London. Investing in a tourist Oyster will help you save even more money and reduce the cost of your journey.

Heathrow Express

One of the fastest ways to access Central London is by hopping aboard the Heathrow Express. It is a dedicated train system which will take you into the city in just 15 minutes. The trains depart from the airport every 15 minutes which means you won’t be waiting around for very long. Another advantage of using the Heathrow Express is that there is often more space and free seats available than you will find on the London Underground carriages.

Private taxi

taxi services

If you’re worried about getting lost on the Underground and you don’t want to feel cramped on a train, there are a number of private taxi services that will pick you up from Heathrow Airport and take you straight into the centre of the city. The prices can vary depending on the particular company you book with and the size of the vehicle but in general, you can expect to pay more than you would on the Tube. The advantage of taking a taxi is that you won’t have to worry about following Underground maps and you won’t have to scramble through barriers while trying to carry all of your luggage.


Another cost-effective way to get into London from Heathrow is by jumping on a National Express coach. It will usually cost you around the same price as a train ticket but can offer more space for your luggage so you aren’t as cramped. This is a good option for families worried about finding their way through the Underground system and gives you the opportunity to see some sights as you journey into the city. One downside of taking a coach, however, is that the journey may take longer if you get caught up in the infamous London traffic.