Best Things To Do In Heathrow London

Things to do in london

Heathrow isn’t the first place you’d think of when visiting London. A way out from the centre of the city and deep in West London, you’d assume that Heathrow wouldn’t have much to it except for the large airport. In reality, there’s plenty to do in the area which can keep you occupied. Whether you’re looking for a day out from the luxury spa hotels of Heathrow or you have a few hours to kill before your flight home, there’s a whole range of events and iconic sights in the Heathrow area. Below are some of our top picks for things to do in London’s Heathrow.


Musical museum

The musical museum in Hounslow is a museum in the Heathrow area which exhibits one of the largest collections of self playing musical instruments in the world. With its wide range of reed organs, orchestrions and violin players, this museum is one of the most unique in London and a must for any music lover. With a concert hall and cinema space rolled into one, the musical museum has space for private functions, hosting up to 230 people.

 Syon House

Syon House and Park

This 200 acre parklan surrounds a house based in the MIddlesex area, to the West of London. The manor house is part of the estate of the Duke of Northumberland and is currently used by his family. Dating back to the 1760’s, Syon House has an area of surrounding parkland which is open to the public. Nowadays, the park, named after Syon Abbey which once stood in the area in the 15th century, is a 139 acre parkland which also acts as a conservation area for wildlife. The park neighbours the Thames and is located nearby to Kew Gardens.


Treaty Shopping centre

This shipping centre is located nearby to Hounslow station and is the main shopping centre in the area. This makes it a great place for guests at the Park Grand London Heathrow to buy some souvenirs as well as a little retail therapy. Let’s be honest, what would a trip to London be without any mementos?

 richmond theatre

Richmond Theatre

The Richmond Theatre is a classic Victorian Theatre which is one of the best examples of work from a famous architect named Frank Matcham. The terracotta red brick of the building gives it a unique style, much in keeping with the Victorian era Richmond area. The theatre itself is currently part of the Ambassadors Group and puts on weekly plays, pantomimes and musicals, giving guests a great range of shows which cater to a range of tastes. What’s more, the theatre has been used as a film set for theatre based films such as Topsy-Turvy.

 the kew garden

The Kew Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens in Kew are some of the most important research gardens for botany in the world, and is home to 40,000 species of plants. With 326 acres of land to it, the gardens give guests a chance to explore some rare and wonderful plant life, whilst also getting a chance to learn about how to look after and maintain the worlds dwindling plantlife. Kew Gardens is a must visit on a sunny afternoon and gives you a chance to explore the exotic world of botany, whether you’re an expert or you’re not.