winter in london

If you look at any handful of popular winter-based films, you’ll find London to be one of the most iconic and memorable settings. This is because of the sheer romance that surrounds the city, and the iconic look, especially in the winter gloom; one of glittering cityscapes, twinkling in the nights sky, whilst roasted chestnut stalls pockmark every street corner with their welcoming scent. Not only this, but the historic relics of London cathedrals and over a thousand years of history has led to London being one of the most popular cities during the winter. And that’s even before we talk about New Years Eve! So, if you’re staying at the Park Grand London Heathrow Gateway during the winter period, what can you expect from a winter in the UK capital?

Somerset House

Somerset House ice rink

During the Winter season, you can expect to see the iconic Somerset House, located down from Covent Garden and across the river from the South Bank, to open its square to one of the best ice rinks in the city. The Somerset House ice rink is unique in that it provides cocktail bars, DJ sets, and late-night light shows, catering to families and adults alike during the winter period. It is this flexibility and the stunning location which make it stand out from what is likely to be widespread competition across the city.


Christmas Markets in Covent Garden

Christmas can lead to a frustratingly busy high street, but if you can bare the crowds, why not check out the charming indoor market in the Covent Garden Piazza. It is here that you’ll find a range of unique shops selling everything from iPads to Moomin paraphernalia. With the addition of live music, which every Christmas period includes a brass band belting out Christmas bangers, and a range of sumptuous cafes you’ll never be short of memorable London experiences in Covent Garden. Plus, if it all gets a bit much, you can always escape to one of the many pubs dotted around the West End.

South Bank Christmas bars

South Bank is always a great choice for a wander during the Christmas period. Part of the reason for this is in the stunning views over the Thames you’ll find on this stretch between the Tate Modern and the Houses of Parliament. Whether it’s a family Christmas show at the National Theatre or a gander round the market, the South Bank is well worth a Christmas time gander.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park runs through December and January and always promises a great day out. Filled to the brim with games, ice rinks and even an entire bar made of ice, the Winter Wonderland is one of the must try experiences of a London Christmas. With special night time events and a special New Years Eve event, Winter Wonderland only draws out the magic from what is already a beautiful park.

The Nutcracker at the Royal Albert Hall

With tickets already selling fast, the beautiful ballet is traditionally brought to life every day in the grand setting of the Royal Albert Hall. For anyone looking for a truly magical show, The Nutcracker and the legendary stage at the Royal Albert Hall is the perfect family event for the Christmas period.