Britain’s Busiest Airport Series 2 – Episode 3, know more about it


London is a great city and there are different airport series that you would really like to know about. Airport series 2 is the busiest series here. This is crowded all the time.

Now you need to see for the outlines from the episode three of the Heathrow ITV. The busiest airport series of the Britain’s is Airport Series 2. You also have a chance to win a free trip to New York. They have also started their second vote Competition that can give you chance to get a free trip to Heathrow. If you win a free trip to Heathrow then you can stay in a hotel near the airport. There are many good hotels near the airport where you have a good stay. Best western park grand London Heathrow is one of the best hotels near the airport where you can have some good time. The hotel has very good infrastructure and you may really love to stay at this place. The services of the office are top class and you may really have a comfortable stay at this place.


The data contained thus is restricted from press use, business and non-business multiplication and sharing into the general population space until Tuesday 7 June 2016. Recorded more than seven months, the arrangement takes after Heathrow’s armed force of 76,000 staff – from things handlers to air movement controllers – as they endeavour to securely prepare 200,000 travellers each and every day, and race to get a huge number of planes away on time.

At the opening of the series they had a look at the PIA flight and many viewers were really shocked to hear about their baggage allowance of 50 Kg. One passenger was there who did not board the flight in time and the whole flight got delayed because of the removal of the extra baggage. When the passengers arrived, the airlines have to face a loss of thousands. The NATS Air Traffic Controller Gavin was the next one to explain the outstanding challenges that Heathrow offers as the busiest series in the world.  The engineers of were then on a duty to keep everything on in the terminal two that was with many issues with safety equipment.

Turmoil on the runways and in terminals is caused due to the Storm Imogen. Airside Safety Officer always keeps observing the garbage or anything else that can affect the entry of the planes. There is also a fervent reunion in entry sides and staff from the Animal Reception Centre will welcome with open hearth the shipment of other companies from Canada.

This was all about the airport series two. Know more about it and have a great time. If you want then you can also have the details of all the series online. The airport staff will also help you to know more about the airline and its series and their operations. Just come here and get more knowledge.