Celebrating the New Year in London


If you’re planning to visit London anytime soon, then the New Year is without a doubt, one of the best time periods to visit. The fireworks take place right beside the Thames, and thousands of tourists and citizens come by the London Eye to enjoy the spectacular fireworks display along with the countdown. Seeing it on television doesn’t do the event justice, and if you can, try to book your place there in advance. A couple of years ago, it was possible to just waltz to the venue without having to book a ticket. But due to high demand and overcrowding, you’ll have to pay a small feeif you want to be a part of the spectacle this year.

39459964Book a Park Grand London Heathrow Getaway if you want to have close access to the airport, and central London. If you however plan on spending a longer time in London, then it might be apt to book an accommodation closer to central London. Either way, you won’t be disappointed with the luxury accommodations in the capital – they really do everything they can to provide their guests with a wonderful hotel experience. Amenities such as business facilities, conference rooms, and audio-visual setups are abundant.

Other notable firework displays taking place in London will take place around Crystal Park, Wimbledon Park, and Victoria Park. One other reason why we recommend visiting London during the New Year is because of the atmosphere. Streets and avenues become lighted with decorations, and a festive spirit begins to brood in the air.

Other things to do in the city during this time include: taking a dinner cruise down the Thames, going to one of the well-known nightclubs, and enjoying a West End show. If you’re visiting with children then you’ll be glad to know that there is some West End theatres that provide show that audience. If you’re visiting on a romantic getaway then enjoy an afternoon skate at one of London’s ice rinks. If you’re looking to enjoy a cruise, be sure to book it as soon as you can.

In conclusion, if you’re visiting to London this year, then you absolutely must experience the thrilling firework display by the River Thames. If for any reason you can’t manage to do this, then visit Primrose Hill to get a fabulous view of London’s skyline for free. It might be the less popular choice, and quite distant from the fireworks – but the view will be majestic in its own right and will spare you the trouble of having to deal with the crowds. With that, you will be missing out on hearing the thunderous explosions of the fireworks and witnessing the fireworks in their full glory.