Create the Wow Factor With Your Guests


The word “WOW” can lift up the spirit of anyone. And when it comes to the hotel industry, the word “Wow” simply means that the service of the hotel is world-class and increase in the reputation of hotel worldwide is guaranteed. But what factors will make your regular guests say “Wow.” At Hampton Court Palace, special training is provided to the staff to achieve the “Wow” level in service. And the training is mainly on how to train staff in dealing with various complicated situations.

What contributes in making your guests say “Wow” to your service? Discussed here a few things that can make you earn the “Wow” tag. It is very necessary to create relationship with the guest. You must make an attempt to contact your potential guests on every special occasion. Make them feel special on their birthdays. Whenever they book their next stay, give them a surprise discount which will make them feel special. By offering accurate information to the guests and assisting them by offering solution during their crises is another way to earn an appreciation from them.

However, the services are significantly more important in this case. Every hotel is noted by the service they offer to their guests. Until and unless you offer clean and comfortable accommodation to the guests, you will not be able to get positive response from the crowd. The more you give attention to minute details that motivate their stay, more are the chance of creating a Wow factor with your guests.