Deciding on the best area to stay in London for you


When visiting London, most business travellers opt to either stay in Heathrow or the central district – with its bustling streets and convenient access to the famous attractions. One of the advantages of staying in Heathrow is the advantage of being able to whisk yourself away into another location at a moment’s notice.

Yet, at the same time, staying in Heathrow as its disadvantages simply because it’s distant from the business facilities and other attractions and sights in the city. Nevertheless, some of the hotels do provide business facilities. The Paddington hotels give you incredible access to premiere attractions such as: Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, and Oxford Street.

LondonWhile the other airports in London are great in their own ways, the Heathrow Airport boasts the most advanced services and features, and also has more flights than any other airport in the UK. In fact, it’s the busiest airport in Europe and the world’s second busiest airport after the United Emirates Hub in Dubai. Additionally, it’s closest to the heart of London; you can take the Heathrow Express Train and arrive at Paddington station in just half an hour.

When you arrive at the Heathrow Airport, you can expect to find a range of shops, boutique stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and currency exchange services scattered in every corner. Meanwhile, scurrying passengers will be found carrying their luggage on travel trolleys available on site. To put it simply, the airport is a hive of activity, and naturally, if you want your passage into or out of the city as smooth as possible, it’s better to pack light, and arrive as early as you can.

For an Executive stay in Heathrow you do get a lot of benefits. For instance, you can simply walk to your accommodation. You get the benefit of having convenient access to central London. The question as to whether you’ll stay in Heathrow or Central is dependent on the nature of your visit, and its length. If you’re staying for a short time, and you’re looking to meet and welcome business associates then Heathrow might be more apt. The Park Grand London Heathrow do offer great benefits.

Wheherever you do decide to stay, you certainly won’t go wrong by staying at a hotel like the ParkGrandHeathrow or in a similar luxury accommodation close to Paddington. After all, central London is close by either way. But for the purpose of saving expenses, then settle yourself in central due to the train expenses.