Development of Tower Hamlets


The London borough of Tower Hamlets spreads from Brick Lane market to the Canary-wharf-backed stock market. It is one of the poorest areas in the UK although a lot of development and change has taken place in the past few years. With the redevelopment of the area, many professionals working in the media and the financial services industry have settled down in this area. Further development is likely to take place in this area.

london tower

  • Located to the east of central London, Tower Hamlets is a small borough that is densely populated with people who have come mostly from Bangladesh although you can find many Somalis, Lithuanians and Romanians also in the area. More than a third of the population is aged between 20 and 34. Although there has been economic growth in the area in the past few years, unemployment is still high and nearly 40 percent of the households survive on less than £15,000 per year.
  • Many events take place in the area and most of them take place within 1.5 miles of central Tower hamlets. In the month of March, the main events that have been planned out include the Screen Special – 7” Sound it out Special which is a vinyl junkie’s paradise as we celebrate the independents of both the music and film worlds, by screening one of the best British documentaries of recent years, Sound It Out. The other events include Showcase Cities, The Underground Picture house at the Water Post, Luxury Pop-up cinema-From Dusk to Dawn, Limewharf Eat the World and Horfee’s Imaginarium.

These events will give a golden opportunity to people interested in such events to see their favourite shows.