Differentiation and customization: A Winning Way for hoteliers?


There is a lot of action and aim in the direction of personalizing your guest’s know-how in our industry today. What precisely is “personalization of the guest experience”? You could believe of personalization as the next wave in product differentiation and conceiving and strengthening visitor commitment. At the largest level, it has to do with delivering to all of the visitors a more intimate stay, and on an individual level, delivering a unique service or merchandise to each visitor according to their preferences.


We have glimpsed some large demonstrations in the past of personalization at hotels for all customers. Now let’s take this to the next grade, to the individual. How can we offer personalization by visitor? Let’s gaze at a demonstration outside of our commerce, a buyer buying a Dell computer. Once the buyer selects the personal size of the laptop, the outer case is the same. Although, what proceeds inside, e.g. the memory, a CD/DVD, etc. is up to individual preferences. Furthermore, what accessories the customer wants to go along with the computer can be customized. When you correlate that to a visitor stay at a hotel, the visitor is purchasing a stay in a room, which can alter according to dimensions. The personal structure of the room resides consistent but what can change is what is in the room and all the other “offerings” throughout the stay.

Now at what point do hoteliers offer personalization and eventually how do they go about consigning exclusive personalization by visitor? In the hotel industry, it has to be waited until the guest arrives to the hotel and then began proposing some alternatives. Customers are utilised to having control and flexibility in most of their retail buys and the proficiency to have that for journey will progressively become important.