Enjoy an exciting family time with the Pirates of Skeleton Bay in Legoland


Travelling along with your kids is one of the best ways out to spend some time with them especially if you belong to the group of new age parents where half of your time is spent outside the home in meeting clients’ deadlines and the other half in discussing work issues at home then it is more than likely that your kids are not getting the due attention. In this age of technology ruling society where everything can be arranged within a single click, you can assure your family with some quality moments which are important to have. At the end of the day your kids are in their most innocent phase and you would surely not like to miss witnessing their innocence which will be fading away after some years. Planning a holiday trip with your family members is perhaps the best thing you can do at present to enjoy the family time which has been missing from your life for quite some time now. For planning a trip, you need to look for all those places which are exciting enough to make your child happy as well as let you explore some of the most exquisite places which you have not seen before.

Family Trip

If you are thinking of making a trip to the European land, then London would be an ideal destination. This cultural enriching city which is also considered to be the financial hub of England is famous for catering to the desires of millions of tourists every year. Your desire of spending some family time with your near and dear ones would be coming true this time when you have finally decided to take that plunge and go out to enjoy the best time of your life which you truly deserve. London is that place in the world which is famous among both the young and little travelers. There is a myriad of option to explore by the kids who look forward to dip themselves in the pool of fun, thrill and excitement. If you too are looking forward to let your kids enjoy themselves properly then make a list of all those family destinations which are located in the heart of the city. You can visit the Chessington world of Adventures, Legoland in Winsor Castle and many other fun places where you will be able to spend quite a good amount of time seeing your little bundles of joy jumping in excitement. If LEGO toys attract your kids and they have been playing with LEGO during their growing up years, then Legoland is the place to take your kid. It is located at Windsor in England. It is basically theme parkland which has been dedicated to LEGO. This is the rightful place where the kids will be able locate the link between the world of creativity and imagination. Everything in Legoland ranging from cities, pirate battlefields, islands, etc. is LEGO oriented.

Legoland has been attracting huge number of tourists every year. It is indeed a world of fantasy which the travelers love to explore during their visit to the city of London. it is always been said that the city of London is an extremely famous travel destination and is a tourist-friendly city which lets all the visitors spend some gala time of their lives by indulging into the various offerings provided by London. This stunning empire of LEGO is perhaps the most exciting place in the city which the kids love to explore. There are so many things to do over here that the kids often wonder where to start from. Travelers from all over the world make it a point to travel to Legoland during the seasonal months from March to November. This theme park is most popularly known as the fantasy of dreams among all the little travelers who prefer to visit the park during their holidays. There is a number of interactive rides, live shows, music concerts, building workshops, pirate training camps, high riding rollercoaster’s, etc. As the city of London does not fail to surprise the visitors with a myriad of offerings, in the same way the park also does not disappoint you. You can simply enjoy the 4D cinema experience which will be keeping you on the edge of your seat. It is an amazing experience which you must not miss. The cinema mainly plays a number of flicks such as LEGO Racers, Bob the Builder, LEGO Adventures and many more.

Your kids would definitely like their time in the theme park where they will be treated with the spectacle of driving cars, steering ships, flying a plane, fighting against pirates, watch a puppet show, etc while gorging on delicious food stuff.

Your trip to Legoland would become more relaxing provided you take the initiate in arranging for a hotel accommodation in one of the hotels which is located near Legoland. If you stay at Park Grand London Heathrow, then you will be able to reach Legoland within a short duration of time. This hotel is eminent for offering the most exquisite life comforting services to all the boarders who seek for cheap accommodation amidst sheer luxuries.

Pirates of Skeleton Bay

When in Legoland, do not miss to catch the Pirates of Skeleton Bay which is one of the most stunning stunt shows being organized in the theme park. This one is probably the first ever stunt show taking place in the history of the park. It is basically an adventure which the whole family can take part in. the stunt show mainly features acrobatics and swashbuckling swordplay which are illuminating enough to keep everyone in the family engaged.

If you book the tickets on an early basis, you will be able to save more bucks. Usually, the travelers could take out only one day out to visit the Legoland out of their scheduled tour. This is why, while booking your tickets to the park, you will be able to get a 1 day ticket which features a day’s activity which is enough for making your family feel pampered to the core.