Enjoy the Facilities at the Heathrow Airport


The Heathrow Airport is a junction and a hub of transport activity for tourists across the world. The Park Grand London Heathrow is the best place to stay for all those visitors who look for cheap, reasonable and comfortable accommodation. Just around five minutes from the Hounslow Central Station, the hotel lies in the Piccadilly Line and is connected well with the airports in London and other attractions around the city. This is a budget hotel and gives the most convenient rooms at reasonable rates. In fact this is one of the best among so many hotels in Hounslow. Facilities here include a bar and restaurant and also a delicious fare of English breakfast along with lunch and dinner. Guests love to come here and unwind and relax at the bar and also enjoy a variety of light snacks and drinks.


The Heathrow Airport

The Heathrow Airport is around 4.8 miles from the hotel and is easily accessible with the convenient airport transfer service. There are many other airports nearby but the Heathrow certainly has facilities to boast about.

Medical help at Heathrow

Emergency medical treatment is a basic necessity for anyone travelling across the world and Heathrow offers it in the best way possible. One can use any internal telephone here and dial 222 to avail of medical aid. The operator ensures that there is an ambulance made available to the patient and the airport staff is always at the service of the customers. There are chemist shops in all Heathrow terminals and with facilities for over the counter medicines, the entire luxury of medical help is easy and convenient.

Facilities for Internet and WI Fi Access

One who travels needs to stay connected. One can work, surf as well as check mail through the wireless broadband and the internet connected computers that are there around. With the free Wi-fi facilities at Heathrow staying connected could not have been easier. The on screen instructions help one to complete registration and enjoy the first four hours of free internet surfing. If one needs more than four hours then one can pay and use the roaming charges. The pay on the move computer desks along with broadband access provide one with the best terminal connections for internet access.

Availability of cash

There are cash dispensers for the customers which are available before and after security control in all Heathrow terminals. Most of the cash machines accept society cards of UK Bank and building without any surcharge. Credit cards are also accepted.

Baggage facilities

There are a variety of delivery services for baggage and shipping from all outlets of arrivals and departures in the concourses in Heathrow. There is door to door baggage delivery through the important and popular courier companies. The services are reasonably priced along with excess charges for baggage.

Enjoy the Pay Phone facility

Public telephones are found in all parts of the Heathrow terminal. Payment is usually made by using cards or cash. There are telephones that can be accessed from the wheelchair and also text phones all of which help one to keep in touch with family and friends. Also one has the mobile phones available on rent at the airport. SIM cards are also sold at the Heathrow Airport making accessibility an easy option. For charging phones, one has the Free Power Pole charging station that is available in all terminals. All these are compatible with European as well as UK plug thus making things easier. Provisions for USB cables are also there.

VIP Treatment at Heathrow

Heathrow also has a private VIP service for all the Heads of the State and important dignitaries. So one would have a personal greeting at the plane and also be attended by a staff that is in touch with the requirements of high profile diplomats. One can thus relax in absolute privacy in the personal lounge and be assured that the security and check in is well taken care of. A luxury limousine would ensure that one has a good transport facility.

Facility of Bag Wrapping

Heathrow offers the best facilities of bag wrapping. There is a private company which provides security baggage wrapping services for all departures and arrivals at Heathrow. This excess baggage securely wraps all luggage items at the airport and gives the best packing services for other items which cannot be wrapped.

Porter service At Heathrow

Heathrow offers the best porter service which is available for carrying the luggage. There are many porters that are available on terminal forecourts as well as in reclaim halls for baggage. While departing one would meet the help desk and also aid in escorting luggage to the check in desk. There would be a facility to take the tourists and the travelers to a point of transport or else to a relative who might wait nearby.

With so many facilities at hand, it is not difficult to travel in beautiful places like London. Travel and comfortable accommodation is the key to enjoying a place. Airport facilities only ensure that one has the best and the most convenient methods of enjoying the travels to this part of the world. The Park Grand Heathrow for example provides one with the best facilities as well as luxurious travels. There are many attractions in and around the hotel which makes the travels very memorable. Hyde Park for example is a one stop destination which makes the tours here extremely memorable. There is a Speaker’s Corner here which gives opportunities for the tourists to enjoy a great discussion. Add to this the nearby Oxford Street which provides ultimate shopping delights and tour pleasures. This is one of the best ways to enjoy visits to London. Add to this, the simple delights of experiencing the facilities in the Heathrow airport and a traveler is sure to take back vivid memories of a great land.