Exploring the Great London Underground System


London is a vibrant and buzzing study that offers a variety of attractions, experiences and excursions that are give its tourist a real British experience. One its oldest, still the most advanced and iconic experience that you can indulge in the city of London is its underground transport system, also called the tube. The iconic tube of London is a unique experience that is used by local London commuters and tourists as well. Connecting prime London locations for years now, travelling by tube is the way of life in London. To easily explore London, book your stay in a hotel near Osterley Tube station.

While you explore the amazing tube experience in London, here are some fun and interesting facts of the tube that are great to know.

Oxford Circus Tube Station

Oxford CircusOne of the busiest stations of London and literally located in the heart of the city, you will fall in love with the vibe of this station. In 1969, to celebrate the inauguration of the new Victoria Line, the Queen ‘took to the wheel’ and did an iconic thing of driving it from Green Park to Oxford Circus.

Waterloo Station

Another busy station and very prime stations of the city, it is big in size. From here you can take trains that connect you to other parts of United Kingdome. Featuring shops and eating joints inside the station, it has 23 escalators, that is most of any station on the network.

King’s Cross Station

King’s Cross Station

Kings cross station in the night, London, UK

This station is massive, it also connected to the St. Pancras station from where you can take Euro star and travel several parts of Europe via the train. Featuring several shops, eating joints, pubs, and restaurants in the station, it’s one of the most buzzing stations. This station has the shortest lift-shaft on the tube network which is only 02.3 metres. Here is some interesting facts about the King’s Cross Station.


The Hampstead station is the deepest station on its line that is 50 metres below ground, that is believed to be more than the Nelson’s Column.

Liverpool Street Station

This prime and iconic station is built on the original site of a mental asylum called the Bethlehem (Bedlam).

Liverpool Street Station


This station came into existence after great difficulty, as it was feared that its construction might disturb the game of cricket being played ta the Lords, which is very close from here. It took an act of parliament to finally get a go ahead on this station.

User questions


What do tourists do in London?

London is a popular destination amongst tourists from around the world. At anytime of the day or year you will see several tourists exploring the city in the centre part of London. Tourists here are exploring attractions, museums, galleries, the London architecture and indulging in popular London activities like boat rides, eating at the local markets, shopping and more. They are taking selfies and pictures at iconic spots and with signature monuments and buildings. Plus, you will see them walking and enjoying at the banks of river Thames. They book a comfortable and luxurious stay at the Park Grand London hotel in Hounslow.

Where can I see city lights in London?

London offers several breath-taking views of the city. These views are further enhanced when witnessed at night as they are enhanced by the city lights. Some popular places that offer stunning views of the city lights include the Tower Bridge and its girl with a dolphin statue, the Millennium Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Southbank and the iconic London Eye, Soho, Leadenhall Market, Chinatown, view from the Shard and more such places.