Facilities at Heathrow for travelling with children


One of the most difficult aspects of travelling is when we travel with young children.Many people find it a real challenge to undertake a long journey with young children. It becomes a necessity to find a suitable hotel where the kids can have space for themselves and also hotel that offers activities for children. If this is not ensured, your entire trip could be a stress filled experience.

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If you have planned a holiday, you could choose a hotel near Heathrow Airport that offers activities for kids. There are several hotels in the vicinity of the airport that offer these facilities for travellers to London. As well as being a great place for the kids to enjoy themselves, by choosing a hotel near Heathrow Airport you will save on valuable time commuting and avoid getting stuck in rush hour traffic.

Similar is the case when flying,especially if there is a delay because of late or delayed departures and long stopovers. However, if you are flying from an airport like Heathrow it will be comparatively less stressful because of the excellent facilities for children. In fact all of the 5 terminals at Heathrow offer facilities for children as well, which helps to considerably relieve the hassle of any delays. There are specially designated facilities for children, which include baby changing with attached toilets play areas, dining etc.

There are numerous restaurants that serve children’s menus along with light refreshments. This will keep them filled until their next meal on the flight. For kids between 2-6 years there are play areas that keep them occupied until you board the plane. Of course as these areas are not supervised you need to keep a watchful eye on them. For older kids there are shops that have arcade and computer games that will keep them entertained.


The children’s facilities available at the 5 terminals are as follows:

Terminal 1

The designated play area is known as Stay& Play. After you clear the security check you will find it in the departure lounge close to Caffè Nero. It is available on all days of the week from 7.30am and 6 pm and has slides, a soft play area and also 2 separate areas. One is for infants and the other for older kids. Entry is free and is ideal for children up to 9 years of age.

Terminal 2

It was shut down for renovation and reopened in June this year. It offers a wide variety of seating arrangements with great views of the airfield. You will find the Stay & Play areas at the departure lounge. There is also the Queen’s Terminal that hosts themed programmes of different events which features popular children’s cartoon characters.

Terminal 3

The Family Lounge at Terminal 3 is arranged into two areas. The first is for infants up to 2 years, and the other is suited for children from 3 – 9 years of age. For children in the age group of 10-15 there is a Game Zone. There is also a kid’s quiet room, along with soft drink vending machines and ample space for accompanying adults to sit and relax. There is even a discreet area provided for nursing mothers. You will find the family lounge within the departures area, once you clear security and is close to the Ted Baker shop. The timings are from 6am to 9pm, with no entry fee. As the area is not supervised you need to be with your little one.

Terminal 4

Like all the other terminals Terminal 4 also offers a Stay & Play area. The timings are from 9.30am to 8pm daily on all the days of the week and is a great place for the kids to have some pre-flight fun and keep them entertained. You will find it in the departures section, after clearing security close to the Burberry store. As with other play areas the entry is free and is for kids aged 0-9.

Terminal 5

You will the play area in Terminal 5A lounge, after passing the security checks, close to Gate A7. Its timings are from 8.30am to 7am on all days of the week. As with others there is no charge for entry and is meant for children in the age group of 0-9. As with other play areas adults must accompany the child for supervision. In Terminal 5 there are 3 areas designated as Stay & Play areas for kids up to 8 years of age. All are to be found in the departures section.

Besides this, all terminals have shops for arcade and computer games to keep the older age group of children entertained. You could check with the BAA information desk for crayons and free colouring books. There are also a variety of comics, puzzle books and magazines to entertain the kids.

Always ensure that you and the family arrive well before time at the airport. It takes time to check in and when you are travelling with family members you can expect it to be a long process. Also, book you taxi service well in advance to ensure that it arrives on time and drops you and the family on time at the airport.