Getting From Heathrow To Gatwick – The Do’s And Don’ts


Heathrow International Airport is the largest Airport in England and the third busiest in the world behind Hong Kong and Dublin. With a record high of 75.7 million passengers in 2015, it is no surprise that the airport is one of the most popular for those visiting England and more specifically London. Made up of a whopping five terminals, the airport lies 14 miles outside of London and covers over 4 square miles of land making it very easy to get to the city centre or to your hotel if you’re staying in a Budget Hotel Near Heathrow Airport. There are plenty of options for getting into the city centre, and therefore the options listed below all depend on what suits you, whether you’re travelling with a family or alone.


Unless it is completely necessary, there’s usually better ways of travelling than to rent a car. If you are going to be staying in London for a long period of time you may find that the intricate and wide spanning transport network will render renting a car unnecessary in central London, especially when travelling around rush hour, when you might as well be walking!

Using the Underground

If you can, the easiest and quickest way to get into central London is by using the London Underground service. Heathrow airport is situated in Zone 6, one of the outer zones of London’s transport network. The transport network can be navigated with the understanding that zone 1 is most of central London. The Underground line from Heathrow airport is the Piccadilly line or the dark blue line if looking at the tube map. There are several stops for the Heathrow drop off points on the Underground. These are Heathrow Terminals 2, 3, 4 and 5 and these are the last stops of the Piccadilly line on their branch.


Using Trains

There are several train services which run from Heathrow airport to various destinations, making it the perfect airport from which to travel around England, not only London. These include the Heathrow Express which runs directly to Paddington Station, getting you into central London very quickly. You can also choose from the Heathrow connect train route which stops at up to five stations on its way to Paddington Station as well as the South Western trains from where you can get to Reading, Waterloo and Clapham Junction.

London train

The only reason one may have for not using the train and underground service is if you are carrying lots of luggage or are unfit to traverse the stations steps. Equally, if you‘ve chosen a hotel not close to any train stations. This is why the Park Grand Hounslow is ideal for new visitors to London as it is so close to Heathrow airport, freeing you up to travel into the city centre baggage free.

Coach and Bus

There are various services run by coach companies which can take you to and from Heathrow to a variety of destinations in London, most importantly the very central Victoria Coach Station. The Nightbus the N9 takes you to the centre of London whilst the Express Bus services run from the station to destinations such as St Albans, Harlow and East Croydon.