Golfing in London


When thinking of great places around the country to play golf, London does not immediately spring to mind.  The famous capital is known for many things, but perhaps not its proliferation of golf courses.  The area of ground that golf courses require makes it impractical to have courses within some of the most expensive land in the country.  However, for the avid golfer there are many options available to satisfy the need to take a swing every now and again.  Here are the top 3 tips to enjoy golfing in London:


  • Go Digital

Simulators are a great way to practise your swing, hang out with friends and have a drink, all at the same time.  Advances in technology mean that the simulators can capture the power and trajectory of the ball incredibly accurately.  This is combined with a physics engine that can adjust for real life wind and atmospheric conditions to provide accurate and reliable feedback on the results of your shots.  Perfect for evenings after work or cold winters days, play on the most famous courses in the world without ever having to leave the room.

  • Expand your horizons

There are plenty of traditional golf courses and clubs around the London area.  You  might have to travel for a little bit longer than elsewhere to reach them but the rewards will be worth it once you step onto the perfectly cut grass and flex your knees ready for the first drive.  Wyke Green golf course is an 18 hole course which was built between 1924 and 1930 and is less than an hours drive from the city of London.  It was built on the principles that golf should be for all and is reflected in the friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

  • Go for a Drive

Driving ranges are dotted throughout the city and are a great way to relax and improve technique at the same time.  Try chipping the ball into various baskets and targets, or simply hit as hard and long as you can, there are no time limits or dress codes so just enjoy yourself at your own pace.  Driving ranges are a cheap and easy way to wind down after work and a great way to satisfy your need to swing that golf club without having to leave the city.