Grasshoppers Rugby Football Club Aims for 2015 World Cup


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You must have heard about the name of Rugby? You may not have detailed information about how it is played but you are acquainted with its name. Let us now discuss in brief about some of the most interesting facts which you did not know about this game.

  • Till the year 1863, Rugby and football (also popularly known as soccer) were one and the same game. Later on some attempts were made to formalize the game of foot ball in order to ensure the players’ safety as both the teams were always ino kicking one another on the shins. This was indeed not going anywhere and that is why strict rules were made in order to differentiate the two games.
  • At an initial stage, the game of rugby was played by teams having 20 players in number.  The game of Rugby has been by far the oldest globally acclaimed sport game. The first rugby test was followed by the other test matches of international team sports.
  • In the initial years, there was no Rugby board but a disputed match between England and Scotland suggested the urgent need of setting up of an International Rugby Board.
  • The shape of the contemporarily designed Rugby ball has been derived from the inflated bladders of pigs. These were commonly used as the Rugby ball in the early years of the game.
  • This modern game was first played in the Rugby School and the first Gilbert Rugby ball was manufactured by William Gilbert who had his business right next to the Rugby School.
  • History suggests that Pope John Paul II had played the game of Rugby for the Polish National team.
  • Japan has the largest playing pool of Rugby players with around 125,000 registered players. During the early years, the rules made for the game were very different from what is now being followed. At that time, a drop goal earned 3 points whereas only 1 point was earned for a try.
  • William Webb Ellis was the proud inventor of the game of Rugby.
  • The game of Rugby is now considered to be the second most popular game in the planet after the football.

These are some of the interesting facts which you may not have known about the game of rugby. Grasshoppers Rugby Football Club is going to participate in the Young Rugby Ambassador (YRA) Program and the dedicated ambassadors have the following commitment to abide by:

  • They are supposed to arrange a series of meetings in the club in order to communicate the news information on Rugby World Cup which is going to be hosted by England in the year 2015.
  • They will be supporting the RFU lead by bringing back 16-24 old Rugby players.