Heathrow Airport the perfect destination for business travel


London is out of the most important business hubs in Europe and has millions of business travellers who travel to the city on a regular basis. It is home to some of the biggest companies in the business world with many having their business headquarters in the city. With so much of commerce taking place, the city offers some of the finest boutique and luxury hotels that cater specifically to business travellers.


In fact most business executives stay near Heathrow Airport, as it very convenient for them to travel to and from the airport to the commerce district. The hotels in the vicinity offer excellent facilities and services which make frequent business travel to London a stress free experience.

To encourage businessexecutives to stay near Heathrow Airport, hotels in the area offer special deals and packages that are customised for business travellers. Besides that Heathrow Airport itself offers numerous facilities to make passenger travel a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Some of these are:

Fast Track Check-ins and outs

There are certain airlines that offer a Fast Track priority services for business executives. This helps to save valuable time getting the car park to the check-in line and boarding your flight. Services differ between airlinesbut most offer duty free counters, priority check-in and boarding lanes, dedicated parking etc. For further information you need to check with the carrier or your travel agent.

Business Lounges

An executive stay near Heathrow starts with a business lounge. Practically all the 5 Terminals offer Business Lounges for business travellers. Passengers who travel from Terminals 1 and 3 have the facility to make business lounge reservations irrespective of the class of travel or carrier at Executive Lounges or No.1 Traveller. The business lounges at Terminal 1 and 3 are operated by Servisairand those at Terminal 5 by British Airways. In fact No.1 Traveller recently launched their new super lounge for which business passengers can book in advance. There are also certain airlines that offer business lounges for business and first class passengers along with elite Frequent Flyers.

The benefits of an airport lounge are many with perhaps the most important being avoiding the crowded airport terminals. The amenities on offer include a peaceful air conditioned atmosphere, very comfortable seating arrangements, beverages, snacks, beer, wine, spirits and newspapers or magazines to keep you engaged. There are bedrooms available but are restricted to the No.1 Traveller Terminal 3 lounge only, at the moment. There are also entertainment activities available for kids. Besides you have complimentary Wi-Fi in lounges in Terminals 1 and 3 and also at No. 1 Traveller’s lounge in Terminal 3. From having a relaxing drink or attending to last minute business you can do it in comfort and style in any of the business lounges.

Priority Pass

Members of Priority Pass have access to airport lounge serviceswhich offer entry to 600 or more lounges in close to a 100 countries.In fact they are currently the biggest airport lounge access program and offer 3 levels of membership. The entry level is Standard Membership, with the mid-level being Standard Plus Membership and the highest level being Premium Membership. They also offer a 10% discount on membership fees at certain times. Some of the many lounges they offer access to at different terminals at Heathrow Airport include the Air Canada, Servisair and No.1 Traveller lounges all at Terminal 3. There are also options to upgrade to Terminal 1 with Servisair. You will need to get details from your carrier airline. There are many more different executive and business lounges operated by different carriers and lounge programs and the specifics can be determined at Heathrow Airport itself or from you operating airline.

Office Space rentals

The Airport itself makes for an ideal location to set up a business office. This could be both for international businesses and for airport-related companies. Having an international business established here would be excellent, as this the busiest commercial hub in the whole of the UK. Besides having an establishment in such an area would lead to a rise in brand value.

As a matter of fact the airport owns as well as manages a variety of properties,which are perfect to set up stores, offices, lounges, ramps, ticket desks and many more commercial activities. To get detailed information about the availability, size and cost of rental properties at Heathrow you will have to get in touch directly with the Heathrow Airport authority.

Depending upon your business requirements and if the office does not need to be based within the actual perimeter of the airport, there are other options available as well. One of the biggest benefits is having close proximity to the terminals and this can also be achieved by searching for available rental office space in the adjoining areas of West Drayton or Hounslow.

Heathrow Airport is perfect for business travellers and businesses in a variety of ways. If you travel for business to London via Heathrow, then you must experience the luxury and convenience available for business travellers to the City of London.