Heathrow Express Airport Rail


Making your flight on time is a huge priority for people who are going on holiday, whether it’s your departing or returning flight, you want to do everything you can to avoid the nightmare situation of being told you’re too late to make your flight, or being stranded after a flight with no way to get home. For those travelling via London Heathrow Airport, the Heathrow Express direct rail line that connects the airport to the centre of London will be a source of comfort, a fast, reliable way to get to and from the airport terminals. Even if you are staying in Heathrow accommodation, and know you will be close to the airport, it is still great to know you have the opportunity to travel so quickly and easily to and from the centre of London.

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The Heathrow Express Airport Rail is a service that runs directly between Heathrow Terminals 1-5 and Paddington Rail Station, located in the City of Westminster. Leaving from Paddington Station, the Heathrow Express takes just fifteen minutes to reach Heathrow Central, where passengers can depart for Terminals 1-3, and a free transfer to Terminal 4, and a further six minutes to reach Terminal 5 (though there is also the Heathrow Connect, a stopping service that runs on the rail’s relief lines and takes 15 minutes longer to reach its destination but offers lower fares and a connection at Ealing Broadway Underground Station). With a maximum journey time averaging just 21 minutes either way, the Heathrow Express can be a life saver for anybody who has concerns about reaching their flight from Heathrow in time, and a great time saver for anyone wanting to travel from Heathrow into London.

Construction began on the Heathrow Express in 1993, and took 5 years to complete, with the first full service running on 23rd June 1998, with the service being extended to reach Terminal 5 in 2005, and since service began, a total of over 60 million people have used the trains. Service runs roughly every fifteen minutes for most of the day, with the first train at just after 5 in the morning and the last train at around half eleven at night, with over 150 services running in total each day, making the Heathrow Express the most convenient way to travel to and from Heathrow Airport.

The Heathrow Express is also very reliable, with most recent statistics showing that the trains arrive within 5 minutes of their departure time 98% of the time, with 97% people saying they would use the service again. There is also a variety of ways that tickets for the line can be purchased, including online, on mobile apps, and at various stations as well as on the trains themselves. If you need to travel to Heathrow Airport from the centre of London, or if you are staying near Heathrow and need quick access to London, then the Heathrow Express Airport Rail provides a service that is as reliable and convenient as it is quick.