Heathrow Hotels


As a busy international airport, Heathrow offers many hotels for travellers. These range from budget options – for example local bed and breakfast accommodation, through to five star hotels owned by the leading chains.

Heathrow hotel

The price you pay for a room depends on a number of factors. The most expensive Heathrow hotels are the on-site hotels, which are located within the airport grounds. However, these are also the most convenient, so if you don’t want far to travel to check in, consider staying in one of these.

Off-airport hotels tend to be cheaper. There are many hotels located along the A4 (Bath Road), many of them run by well-known chains. This main road offers easy access to all of the terminals, so consider checking into one of these hotels if you don’t want far to travel before your flight, but want to pay less for your accommodation.

The facilities a hotel offers also affect its price, so consider whether you need any extras before booking. Some hotels offer spa facilities, a gym and swimming pool, while others have on-site parking, and many also provide meeting/conference facilities for business travellers. If you have an early flight find out whether your hotel offers an airport transfer. There’s also the Heathrow Hoppa service – a bus that links the terminals with the on-airport hotels, and some of the off-site hotels. Ask your hotel for a timetable for this service.

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