Hounslow families those are busy in a gurgle


The city of London is exciting and specially the Hounslow area. There is a swimming pool set up where everyone from the family can go and enjoy the swimming.

The families of the Hounslow are taking some time for a splash. They are making most of the temporary swimming pool to enjoy the life at their best. Located in the grounds of the Southville Nursery and Infant School, this pool was basically started by the great swimmer Tom Haffield. From the time when the pool was started more than 1,100 kids, adults and some families have enjoyed the amenity that offers some swimming tuitions for children and adults for a reasonable free that is only £1. You can learn swimming here. You need to tell in advance if you want to take the classes for swimming.


Giving funds for the pool in the Bedfont Lane, Feltham is given by the school and the council of the Hounslow, the programme motivates the kids who will not or else get a chance to enjoy and learn the swimming. The said pool is a section of the Make a Splash programme that is controlled by swimming total and funded by the Amateur Swimming Association. Today the pool is completing seven years and the programme is a main section of the London mayor Sports Legacy Fund that was established to help motivate many people to get in touch with the sports in London. The programme is also contributed by the Thames Water who gives water for all the pools those exist.

The Cabinet Member for Public Health and Leisure mentioned that this is a nice facility for everyone, kids as well as the elders. They all will get a great opportunity to be in touch with the water sports like swimming with their families. This chance also means that we can give motivation to many people especially young generation to take up swimming as a regular activity and also other water sports.  This is the way they can have more active and healthy lifestyle. The pool is really very exciting and people can enjoy it in the summer season for sure. This can be a great thing for children and their parents’ tool. They can learn swimming here and those who already known swimming can improve on their skills. The trainers are expert and they can help you improve on your skills. Learning swimming here can be a fun indeed. This is one of the best places in the city to learn the swimming.

This pool is available for swimming at this school till the rains starts in July. People from any age group get a chance to learn swimming here.  You can book your lessons in advance by paying the fees online.  You can check the related details online. So if you want to learn the swimming in this exciting and interesting area then book your classes in advance and have a lot of fun.

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