How to Get from Park Grand Heathrow to London’s Top Attractions

Heathrow airport

Not every trip to London is a holiday-focused experience. Guests of Park Grand London Heathrow Hotel will (perhaps!) know this best of all. Of course, that is not to say a business or passing trip can’t be filled with some of London’s top attractions, too!

Yes, Heathrow is slightly out of the way of some of London’s experiences, museums and landmarks, but access is simple when you follow these guidelines. 

The Heathrow Express 

A quick Google of the distance between Heathrow Airport and London Paddington shows you just how fantastic it is that this journey takes only 15 painless minutes on The Heathrow Express.

The train leaves from terminals 2 and 3, which are easy to access from your lodgings at the Park Grand London Heathrow Hotel – just chat to the concierge or someone at the reception desk and they will show you exactly how to get to the terminals. Alternatively, if you are already at one of the other terminals, there are free bus and train services between them.

Once you get to Paddington, there is a whole new world of top attractions both in the area as well as a tube ride away. Whether you take a leisurely stroll along the Paddington Basin or through Hyde Park or visit the Serpentine Gallery and the numerous museums on Exhibition Road, your options are bountiful. If you had more of the likes of Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and Westminster in mind, then just hop onto the Circle Line tube and you will be there within minutes. Consider downloading the Citymapper app on your phone, and it will show you all the best routes to your desired attractions. 

The Piccadilly Line

The Piccadilly Line 

The Piccadilly Line will take you directly from Heathrow to Piccadilly Circus, at the heart of Central London. Though it will take you three-quarters of an hour, it is well worth it if you are also interested in visiting other London attractions – ones that are not in Central London but on the Piccadilly Line. 

Hounslow, for instance, is only 2-6 stops from Heathrow depending on the terminal you depart from and the station you exit from. A business breakfast in Hounslow is always a great bet, so if that is on your agenda, then you could hop off at Hounslow Central Station and b-line for any of the local restaurants and cafés on offer. Or, you can visit – with match-day tickets or not – the home of England Rugby, Twickenham Stadium. If you have not got tickets to a game, you can visit what was The Museum of Rugby in1996 and the World Rugby Museum since 2007. It was recently reopened in 2018, so promises new, exciting, refurbished sports-related splendour. 

If you keep on the train right to its final destination, though, you will find yourself at Piccadilly Circus, where you can enjoy some of London’s most famous attractions like Trafalgar Square, Nelson’s Column, The National Gallery, Admiralty Arch and more, as well as experiences like the numerous theatrical productions that are on in the West End, or a self-guided audio tour of the BODY WORLDS museum of human anatomy. 


Given the fame of London’s train and transport systems, visitors often underestimate how incredibly efficient and direct a bus trip can be. Though sometimes slightly longer in duration, the overall experience comes with its benefits. Sitting on top a double-decker London bus is one of the best ways to see the city passing before your eyes and is a great way of understanding how the city pieces together – an outcome not always possible when weaving through the complex and somewhat confusing underground system. Heathrow Central Bus Station is a very large bus terminal serving terminal 2 and 3, that will take you to a number of London’s top attractions. So will buses from terminal 5. It all depends where you are heading! 

For instance, you can go to Heathrow Central Bus Station and take the 724 towards Harlow Town Centre and jump off at Watford Junction. Here, you will find Warner Bros Studio Tour London – or, as you are probably familiar with it, the Harry Potter studios. You can explore the magical world of Harry Potter, from the Hogwarts Express to walking through the set of the Great Hall. 

You could also head from the same spot in the other direction, first to Elmsleigh on the 8 towards Windsor, then to the renowned Thorpe Park on the 456 towards Woking. Thorpe Park is one of the UK’s best theme parks offering over 30 thrill rides, family attractions and events throughout the year. It is the perfect day-trip from Heathrow and worth getting up early, enjoying a sizeable buffet breakfast from your hotel and heading south for a day of uninhibited fun and adventure.

London Buses

If you are after more of a culturally enriching experience than a thrill-inducing one, then get on that 8 towards Windsor, but ride it all the way to Windsor. This quaint, quintessentially British town of Windsor is most famously home to Windsor Castle – which, in turn, is most famously home to the royal family. Built by William The Conqueror in the 11th century, you get a real feel for Britain’s history in a royal framework as well as the option to tour the royal art collections and gardens. Between the castle, St George’s Chapel, Frogmore House and gardens (or the royal retreat!) or the miniature palace of Queen Mary’s Doll’s House, you will get a feel for the almighty essence of this West London town that sits on the River Thames. But, if the child-at-heart seeker in you has had its cultural fix and is ready for some play, then Windsor is also home to Legoland. The options are limitless! Park Grand London Heathrow Hotel is arguably one of the best locations to be in London, as it opens up a field of play and exploration far greater than you might get in the centre. With bus and train links leaving almost directly from your hotel room (give or take a shuttle or two), there are endless opportunities to enjoy all that London has to offer.