How to Pack for a London Winter

winter travel packing

London is a versatile city when it comes to packing. Whether you’re visiting the city for business or for pleasure, making sure your outfits are flexible and suit the climate is key to a successful trip. With a broad range of activities to take part in when using your Heathrow hotel deals London, you’ll have to make sure that you’re ready for every occasion.

This is especially important in the winter season. With business as usual until the Christmas holidays, you’ll have to be prepared for any number of occasions. Whilst this is all dependent on the length of your stay, even a fleeting weekend visit to London can see you traversing a broad range of terrains and battling the temperamental London weather. From rainstorms one moment to clear skies the next, London is one of the most difficult city’s to nail when it comes to weather. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of just some of the clothes you’ll want to pack for a stay in London during the winter. Covering everything from social events to outdoor walks, this guide will help you nail that pesky London winter, and make your visit just that little more flexible.

London Commuting

The London commuter will always be in need of a good outfit to get through that daily grind. In the winter, your commute through the city will see you traverse a number of environments, all of which could be working at very different temperatures. This is where layers come in handy, ensuring that you can peel off a coat or a jumper during your journey.


Overcoats are the simplest and most stylish option for your London commute. The overcoat is often neutral coloured, either in beiges, blues or blacks and are usually light in nature. The overcoat can be waterproof or canvas material, and ranges from the trench coat to a light raincoat, utilising hoods, thermal layers and much more.


Scarves are easy to wear and strip off, making them the perfect addition to the temperamental weather on a London commute. In fact, it’s not just the London commute they’re useful for, but all-round wear in the city too. Whilst protecting your neck from the cold, the scarf is also great for styling as an accessory with your London holiday outfits.

Touchscreen gloves

Practical and affordable, you can find many cheap pairs of gloves that utilise touch screen fingertips so that you can use your phone whilst you wear them. This is especially useful for the tourist or business traveller staying at accommodation near Heathrow,who might have to check their travel arrangements during their commute.


London can be very cold indeed, and layers can ensure both the flexibility of your outfit and preservation of body heat. With trapped air between three to four lighter layers, you’ll find that your body retains a lot more heat than merely a shirt and a coat would.

Darker toned shoes

The rain in the city can lead to a lot more sludge build-up during a commute. White canvas trainers don’t last long in London without getting irreparably dirty, so if you want to ensure the longevity of your style, try going for darker coloured trainers or smart casual, neutral-toned shoes.

Smart casual vibes

London is a city known for its style. That’s why finding the right outfit is important on your trip. Whether you’re enjoying London with family, attending a business meeting or going out with friends, you can never go wrong with a slick smart casual look. Whether it be a shirt and jumper or a sensible skirt or blouse, the London look is chic, simple and understated. Depending on where you’re going, the smart casual look can include a dark denim jacket, a shirt, neutral coloured trainers as well as toned down accessories. Whether it’s a fine dining experience or a Park Grand London Heathrow buffet, smart casual will never go wrong for you.

Sturdy trousers

Denim and heavier materials will always look the part in London. Utilise sturdy trousers for walking through the many parks of the city, keeping active and the more formal occasions. As mentioned before, dressing for a London winter requires versatility in your style, and a neutral yet versatile canvas for your lower body wear is the best way to start building your London winter outfit.


Take a trip to any charity shop or vintage market in London and you’ll be faced with a range of shirts in many different styles. Londoners love them, and whether they be a more rugged flannel shirt or a paisley patterned dress shirt, there’ll be something for every occasion during the winter period. Whatever style you’re on the lookout for this winter, make the most of your winter wear with a unique shirt as an underlayer.

Wool knit jumpers

Make sure to match the aforementioned shirt with a unique jumper. These can come cheap, but London’s urban style suits sweaters and knitted style jumpers that are neutral coloured or sometimes patterned. A great jumper goes with almost everything and is easy to throw on when in a rush, yet retain practicality and warmth which is unseen in the


London can bring a lot of rainfall during the winter period, so ensuring that you have a woolly hat or a cap when lacking a hood is a sensible option for traversing the elements. Furthermore, your hat can also be used as an accessory for your outfit during your trip.


If you’re going out for the night, make sure to check the dress code at the venue you’re visiting. Some clubs in London require a smarter dress than others. Always assume smart casual, and play around with your style to catch some eyes throughout the evening.

Sightseeing and London exploring

Rucksacks or small shoulderbags will always come in useful when visiting London. In such a busy city, keeping your valuables safe is always important, whilst the bag you have can help you be prepared for any and all occasions.