How to Travel With Family through Heathrow


Family is the key to happiness in everyone’s life. It is crucial for one to have a good bonding with family while on travel. Heathrow Airport is one such place which takes care of the needs of the family and also looks into the aspects of keeping the family comfortable during long waits. All tourists would be well aware of the interconnecting time that lapses during catching flights. This is the main area of interest for all as it gives them time to catch up on shopping, entertainment as well as leisure. However Heathrow on its own provides various facilities for families which make travels even more convenient. Let us see what facilities families get.

Terminal 3, Family Lounge
The Family Lounge is a special area for families and has specific play areas for all ages whether it is a toddler or a nine year old. There is a quiet room for kids to be in and also a Game Zone for those children above ten years of age. This is one of the facilities provided by the airport. One also has a soft drink vending machine and a comfortable seating arrangement for the elders. For those mothers who are nursing there are discreet rooms where they can nurse in peace. The lounge is in all the departure zones and is open from early morning to late night. Travelers sitting here are not charged any entry fee and must ensure that children are always travelling here and also accompanied by an adult always.

Terminals 1, 2, 4 and 5.
There is a lot to do while at Heathrow but if one avails of the facilities provided by the airport itself, then it is even more fun. There is lot of entertainment and fun provides for those children who are fidgety and active. There are soft play areas, slides and many junior and baby zones. There is a lot to keep the toddler engrossed and busy. The Stay and Play facility is suitable for those who are below nine years of age. There are many rules that have to be followed here and one has to take care that there are always parents accompanying the children. This Stay and Play zone is in the departure lounge in the airport and can be accessed after security is over.

Travelling With a Baby

Heathrow AirportIt is not easy to travel with a baby and there are many facilities provided by the airport which are suited to the requirements of the baby and the parents. Conveniences like baby change areas are there in every terminal at Heathrow and this is possible both before as well as after security control. There are many baby change areas which are located along the toilet zones. This makes the changing easier. One can check out the baby change areas on a terminal map. There are pharmaceutical companies which provide baby essentials which are inclusive of nappies, baby wipes as well as formula milk. These are the small facilities which make things easier while travelling with a baby.

Make Travel Stress Free
How one travels depends entirely on how one takes the hazards of a journey. There is no point in fretting after being late to the airport. With the luxuries and comforts at Heathrow, arriving here beforehand and availing of these facilities is what is about being a prudent traveler. One can really enjoy a stress free life with a familiar surrounding and this is provided by the airport management through their family oriented comforts. Make sure the travel is stress free by being on time and by availing of various luxuries and comforts provided here.

Car Parking Facilities at Heathrow
Even a small travel can get jeopardized by simple problems like parking. There are family friendly car parking services at Heathrow airport and these smalltime luxuries are what make the entire travel an easy bet. There are many car parking spaces available here and the ones closest to the exits as well as bus stops are the most convenient. With extra room and space on the shift cars, the loading and unloading of luggage is much easier here at the airport. Shuttles run at an average of ten minutes and every transfer takes around the same time. Thus it is very easy to avail of the facility after calculating the average journey time to the terminal and also the other workings inside. When one gets back, one’s own car is waiting so there is no problem to go back home. Parking thus solves most of the problems at Heathrow. The parking fee is also reasonable as well as affordable and works out cheaper than taking a minicab actually. Parking during holidays also adds up to making the travel a little tough so it is better to ensure that the plan is such that even if it is a holiday time, the parking facilities are availed of by prior booking.

Food Facilities at the Heathrow
While travelling with a family, it is important to have good restaurants as well as child friendly hotels as they give the best kind of comforts and luxuries. One gets the most convenient family friendly restaurants at Heathrow thus making the entire plan absolutely fool proof.

Some good tips For Travelling in Comfort
While travelling one has to keep some things in mind. For example if one has a hand baggage then it is better to carry all the documents in it and make sure that the boarding passes are all kept in an easy place to take out whenever asked for. The hand baggage should also meet all requirements of security and one can have buggies to hold them or it is always better to distribute tasks. While one takes care of the children the other could take care of the buggies, bags, etc. Planning it out makes the travel comfortable and complete.