Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce supports Heathrow expansion to grow British business


The Airports Commission is preparing to launch a nationwide consultation regarding the expansion of capacity in the United Kingdom. Thus British business has given another way of indicating support for the benefits that the country would gain from a larger and better airport at Heathrow. Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce has invited many decision makers to understand and recognise the major role played by the airport in linking Britain to the growth markets across the world. It has thus endorsed that it would support an expanded Heathrow airport as a solution to the hub capacity area in the United Kingdom. This deal thus is after there have been regular consultation with businesses across the United Kingdom. During this time the Chambers of Commerce have stressed on the fact that the transport connections play a major role in business in the UK.


All aboutthe New Deal

Jo James is the Chief Executive of Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce and according to him if British business has to succeed then there should be a strong hub airport. This would simplify connecting UK to the expanding markets of Asia and South America. He also added that there has been considerable uncertainty over the expansion of the airport and lot of time has got wasted. This, he thought could disturb would be universal business in Britain. The airports Commission is all set to bring about a national consultation which would enable the ongoing discussion about expansion at Heathrow. This is the only way a good connection can be delivered towards increasing British exports. This could also enhance inward investment that would facilitate job creations in the United Kingdom. This is the largest port in United Kingdom Heathrow being the main connection.

Why is Heathrow important for British Business?

For all those who travel in Europe and look for an executive stay in Heathrow, it is the facilities at the airport that attracts them to come here again. This is the biggest airport of UK and has a global network of airlines managing regular cargo, departures and arrivals. It is positioned such that long haul links in the markets are possible. This also helps create employment so this alongwith he proposed expansion would only bring more business to the country. If the airport is under expansion then business in Kent would grow and this would immediately impact the business growth in UK. This is the best way the fast growing market would benefit and also be able to take advantage of the full potential of overall growth. In fact Graeme Elliot the Head of Public Affairs at Heathrow had the same opinion about the proposed growth and expansion.

The Process of Expansion and the Deal

Heathrow had in fact submitted plans for another runway to the Airports Commission. There are two, the airport authorities applied for a third in the month of May. This led to discussions with the residents in and around the airport participating along with the local businesses and the public. Passengers, elected representatives and airline representatives too participated in the discussion. Heathrow as is known is the only hub and the proposed options would help it to get connected to the whole of United Kingdom to the other emerging financially growing countries across the world. This would increase employment, and give jobs as well as prosperity to the entire country. This is possible; the expansion can be funded, and also can be delivered. This thus creates a world class gateway which makes Britain very proud.

The Chambers of Commerce andthe Expansion

In fact 23 Chambers of Commerce have sent an open letter to the Airports Commission authority. They represent around 40,000 businesses across the United Kingdom and have chalked out the special benefits that a good, strong hub can have at Heathrow. They have also emphasized how the airport could bring business to the British regions. There are around 6 airports around the world which have around 50 long haul routes. The Chambers felt that if the airport at Heathrow is expanded then there is every chance of maintaining the entire British region in the centre of the world economy. The flights can be managed and inward investment would enable British business to connect to the rapidly growing markets in South America and Asia. According to the CEO of Heathrow John Holland Kaye, the number of people coming across UK is increasing and Heathrow airport is playing an important role in the growth of the British economy.

Heathrow vs. the other airports

Heathrow has around 25% of the British exports through its airports whereas Gatwick contributes to 4%. The business across the country is possible through Heathrow easily thus making it a great contender for expansion. The Chambers thus called on all the business in the United Kingdom and appealed to support Heathrow during the aforesaid consultation with the Airports Commission. They also warned that if there is no support the country would fall in the race to have airport hubs. They said that there were many European hub rivals who would be in the competition so it is imperative that Heathrow makes its ground strong and goes ahead with the proposed expansion. The main point of mention here is that Heathrow is central to all commercial establishments and would benefit a great deal with the expansion.

The Importance of the Expansion at Heathrow Airport

This National Connectivity Task Force has members which include representatives of national airports, local enterprise partnerships, Chambers of Commerce, and business people from in and around UK as well as the airlines. By the end of this year, in 2014, this Task Force would give a final report on the discussions that have been had with the AirportsCommission. This report would detail on the capacity of the airport and its expansion in the south east.