Know the difference between an Oyster Card & Travel Card


London is a city of dreams which has most certainly got all of it what it takes to ensure that you have a fabulous break. The English capital is well enriched with a whole lot of exquisite attributes which tend to make every visitor feel a lot more entertained from within. If in case you have not paid a visit to the English capital as of yet then you must always look ahead to plan a visit to the effervescent city of London sometime soon.

travel cardIf you are planning to visit the capital city on a tight budget then you must consider looking out for ways by means of which you can surely curtain down the unnecessary expenses quite conveniently. Everyone knows how impeccably expensive the English capital appears to be but this does not let the visitors feel demotivated and give up on their holiday plans. If the city is expensive then there are ways to combat the extra cost away. You just need to maintain the focus on planning an economically well driven holiday which will let you enjoy the most of your vacation trip without having to overspend.

A trip to London is always a great way to make your moments count. You would absolutely love the idea of enjoying every bit of your vacation in the most amazing manner. London city is a charming destination which encompasses every bit of ecstasy that you have been looking out for a long time. If your major concern of visiting London city has always been the budget issue then you can always look ahead to follow the below mentioned steps:

• Get yourself either the travel or the Oyster card which will curtail down the excessive transportation expenses. Most of the time you need to avail the public transportation which can turn out to be a major cost issue.

• Visit during the season-offs so that you get to make the most of your vacation without having to pay anything exorbitant.

• Stay at a budget hotel which has its base in central London. One decent example is Park Grand London Hounslow . This is the rightful place to stay at so that you can walk along the distances quite conveniently. London can be a great travel destination which tends to make you feel well enriched all the time. Stay at hotels near London Heathrow and enjoy the convenience.

• Walk most of the time so that you can save immensely on the travel costs. The transportation expenses in the English capital can turn out to be a costly affair which you can quite easily curtail down without having to feel sceptical.

While checking the reasonable ways of shielding your English holiday trip, you must have come across to some points where it has been mentioned to use the Oyster Card. If you are still feeling confused about the major differences between a travel card and an oyster card then you must read on to know more.

Things should be cleared from the roots and if this is something which has been bothering you then it is better to know how exactly to solve the issue rather than ignoring it.

For any first time visitor of London it can be a very daunting task to make out the difference which the Travel and Oyster Card have. It also gets difficult to understand which is best and under what circumstances. Some of the basic differences have been mentioned below just to make you aware of how and where each one of them can be used.

• The Travel Card is valid for the exact amount of days you specify. If you have applied to get the advantage of using the Travel Card for only 5 days at a stretch then you are entitled to using the benefits of the card for those five days only. The Oyster Card on the other hand holds your credits and can be debited when it is used.

• If you are looking ahead to stay in London for a longer period of time then Oyster Card is what you should opt for. Many locals living in the British capital always opt for this card for regular commuting. If you are planning to visit London for a day only then it is better to get the Travel Card.

• Oyster Card has a purchase fee and you can put your money on top just to travel to all the parts where the Travel Card does not take you to. The Travel Card will get you buy one get one free entry to most of the amazing travel attractions.

• The cards are transferable. If you plan to return in future you can reuse it and can even pass it on to a friend who is planning to visit the capital of England.

• The Visitor Oyster Card is intended for the visitors travelling from overseas. It works with some differences which are

 You can purchase the Card before arriving in the UK that saves you hunting one down on arrival.

 A normal Oyster Card that allows you to enjoy some special offers and promotions.

 Hassle free process of enjoying a happening journey and also getting back the refund on the unspent balance.

• If you are planning to travel along with your family, then everyone needs to have their individual card which supports the contactless payment.

• The Oyster Card can be purchased at any tube station for around 5 pounds and can also be recharged with more money at any point o time. It is a great way to have discounts of the bus and tube rides across the city. You get back the refund while returning the card.

• The paper travel cards are purchased at train stations and are relevant only if you want to use the days out discounts. Otherwise you can always have the Oyster.