Let’s Experience Something else with Heathrow


London’s Heathrow airport is the biggest airport in the UK, and is the fourth busiest traffic hub in the world. More worldwide travellers proceed through Heathrow airport each year than any other airport in the world. Heathrow airport is also the prime hub for British Airlines and BMI, and it is the entrance for travellers crossing the Atlantic.

heathrow airport

Because Heathrow is such a busy international airport, you can nearly make the assertion that you have glimpsed the world just by hanging out for a couple of hours. The terminals themselves are a virtual smorgasbord of worldwide culture; English taverns, American coffee shops (what airport would be complete without a Starbuck’s?), French pastry stores, Indian bistros, and Italian ice elite can all be discovered inside Heathrow.

Along with the vivid saris, fashionable matches, and kufis lives a whole other edge of worldwide; Americans can still be found wearing plaid briefs, teenagers still have their pants drooping perilously off their back finishes, and inescapably there are 40- and 50- something who still believe they are in their 20’s and that it’s ok to reveal the midriff (stretch marks and muffin peaks included). If the terminals are a little too much for you, you can habitually take refuge in a personal room in one of the Heathrow airport hotels. Heathrow hotels are clean and quiet, away from the crowd of travellers and are a great way to rest during an expanded layover or when the airport closes down throughout the weather.