London Heathrow Airport Lounges: The Complete Guide


With four major international terminals and over 211,000 passengers coming in and out of the airport every day, Heathrow is one of the world’s biggest and busiest flight terminals. As you can expect from such a major travel hub in a city as busy as London, the airport has plenty of great facilities for travellers to enjoy during their stay, including the most number of terminals found in any major airport in the world.

Read on to find out more about what you can expect in Heathrow’s passenger lounges, and look out for great Heathrow hotel dealsfor your next stay in London.

Which lounges will you find at each terminal?

Heathrow has four main terminals, named 2, 3, 4 and 5. Each terminal contains a variety of lounges that are often dedicated to a particular airline, or are part of the airport itself.

The lounges that are found in each terminal will vary according to which airlines may fly in and out of that particular part of the airport. The different terminals in Heathrow will often serve different flight destinations and locations around the world, as well as particular airlines, so if you know which airline you are flying with, you may be able to find out if there is an available lounge for you to use upon your arrival.

While airport lounges are a great place to rest and relax, especially if you have a lengthy on-going flight to connect to afterwards, for longer stays there is also the option of using accommodation near Heathrow Airport. You’ll find several great options, including the Park Grand Heathrow Hotel, where you can enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep and a refreshing start before you carry on with your journey.

Terminal 2 Lounges

Terminal 2 has a variety of lounges that are both exclusive to certain flight passengers travelling on particular airlines and routes, and other lounges that are accessible to all travellers.

If you are travelling via Aer Lingus, Air Canada or Lufthansa and are a business class passenger on some of their eligible routes, you may be able to use their respective lounge facilities. These can provide you with a spacious place to unwind or work while you wait for your flight, with comfortable and quiet seating areas, light snacks available and Wi-Fi within the lounge. The Air Canada Maple Lounge also has some shower facilities too, providing an ideal opportunity to refresh yourself before a flight.

Many of these lounges have exclusive or premium areas within them, which can be accessed at an additional fee or if you are an eligible card holder. If you are a first class passenger, then you can usually look forward to a more comfortable and secluded space to relax in, with all amenities, such as unlimited drinks from the bar, a la carte dining and more, available to you.

If you are not a business or first-class passenger with these airlines, you may either want to take advantage of accommodation near Heathrow Airport, or look into some of the paid lounge options instead. Within Terminal 2, there are a number of paid lounges which are either accessible to other passengers on particular airlines, or to the general public. Some lounges, such as the Plaza Premium Lounge, offer hourly or daily passes which can be purchased, to allow access whenever you would like to use them. Other lounges at Terminal 2 will also offer paid access, but only to certain travellers.

Before planning to use an airport lounge in this terminal, it’s also a good idea to check the opening times of particular lounge areas. While most are open throughout the day and night, some may have limited access during the early hours of the morning, or late at night.

Terminal 3 Lounges

Terminal 3 most frequently has flights from American Airlines and British Airways, as well as a number of other major international airlines. If you’re travelling from this terminal and staying close by at the Park Grand Heathrow Hotelovernight, then you may want to make the most of their lounge services before you travel on the day of your flight.

One of the best lounges to use if you are not already eligible to access some of the existing lounge areas in Terminal 3 is the No. 1 Lounge. This is a paid pass lounge, which costs £40 to enter when paying on the day, and discounts may be available if you are booking ahead of time. The lounge offers a stylish space to unwind in, with a variety of special features to help you have a great time during your stay in the airport. You’ll find a bistro menu and bar, as well as a business centre, Wi-Fi and quiet zone to make use of, whether you plan on working, or simply getting some rest.

For those travelling with family, there is also plenty to help entertain busy children, including a games room and family room, as well as some great options on the menu to keep you comfortable. However, if you’re staying on a longer layover, it may be a better option to check out Heathrow hotel dealsinstead.

For passengers flying with British Airways or American Airlines, they will also have the additional option of the Oneworld First Class Lounges, dedicated to each airline. These are usually available to first class flight passengers, as well as select number of other travellers on other airlines.

These lounges provide a spacious and quieter place to get away from the noise of the airport, as well as plenty of great amenities to help you enjoy a comfortable and restful stay. Take advantage of the delicious food and drink, or make the most of some quiet time before you fly, to complete any last minute work.

Terminal 3 is also served by Emirates flights, and passengers on this airline on all classes are able to use the airline company’s dedicated lounge at Heathrow. Paid access is available for Economy travellers, as well as all higher-grade passengers, and the lounge has some top class facilities to enjoy. With a large rest area, shower facilities and workstations, it is the perfect lounge for a business traveller.

Free lounges in Terminal 3

Unlike Terminal 2, the higher volume of flights through Terminal 3 also means that there are a few free lounges that can be used by all passengers without any extra charge, and provide an invaluable place to rest and relax in.

The Heathrow Family Lounge provides a quiet and safe space that families can spend time in while waiting for a flight, with games, amenities and comfortable spaces to relax in. As the lounge area is free of charge to use, it can be a great spot to head to when you prefer to have somewhere to get away from the noise and business of the airport environment. Children should always be accompanied by an adult when using this space.

For those travelling alone or without children, the terminal also has another free Rest and Relaxation Room that provides a great alternative to the main lounges. While there are not a vast amount of amenities here, you can find some comfortable seating and snack machines.

Anyone who uses an American Express card will also find a dedicated lounge space in the terminal, open to its Centurion and Platinum Card holders. With stylish design features and great amenities, including food and drink and showers, it can be the ideal spot to unwind and rejuvenate yourself before a flight.

Terminal 4 Lounges

With flights from over 30 different airlines, Terminal 4 is one of Heathrow Airport’s busiest areas, and the airport lounges available here are popular places to get away from the stress of travelling. If your flight is from Terminal 4, there are number of different lounge options to choose from, with plenty of great facilities to help make your stay more comfortable.

The stylish Sky Team Lounge is available for all passengers, and lounge access can be booked ahead of time or on the day. The lounge is perfect for both families and business travellers, with a great range of things to do. Business travellers may want to take advantage of the lounge’s dedicated business space and free Wi-Fi to help you stay on top of your work, while in-house massage therapists provide some calmness and soothing to help you de-stress.

For families with children, you’ll find an ample variety of snacks and drinks to enjoy ensuring that no one is left peckish. Comfortable seats and day beds also provide an excellent place to rest or nap in with ease.

For a real touch of luxury, you may just want to indulge in the Plaza Premium Lounge instead. For those heading off to a special destination, this is a great way of getting into the holiday spirit beforehand, or perhaps extending your special stay in the city a little longer. The lounge has a wonderful range of facilities to enjoy, including private suites and showers, so that you can catch up on some essential sleep, before flying. You’ll also find freshly prepared food and drink, as well as delicious celebratory cocktails and champagne, if you prefer.

To help you stay on track of your flight details while relaxing, you’ll also get to have regular updates and flight announcements, making sure that you can leave the lounge in ample time to get to your departure flight without rushing.

Terminal 5 Lounges

Terminal 5 is the newest of Heathrow’s airport areas, and you’ll find some of the most luxurious lounge options available here, including the premium VIP Lounge.

For passengers flying out of Terminal 5, the Plaza Premium Lounge is a fantastic option available to all travellers, and provides an attractive and stylish place to enjoy your time before your flight. It’s possible to book your visit for the lounge ahead of time, for up to 5 hours, and you can take advantage of a wide range of facilities available in here.

Choose from delicious seasonal food, drinks from the bar and café, and high speed Wi-Fi and TV, with plenty of entertainment to keep you occupied. There is also a Lounge Bay if you’d rather simply rest with a good read, and charging stations to help you keep all of your electronic devices powered up.

For First Class and Premier travellers with British Airways, you may want to take things up a level, and enjoy a taste of serious luxury in the Concorde Room. Named after the iconic supersonic plane, the distinctive lounge provides an unforgettable experience to help you make the most of your time in the airport. The lounge includes a beautiful fine dining space and bar, as well as private cabanas where you can unwind in style.

If you’re arriving at Terminal 5 and catching a flight elsewhere, or prefer to freshen up before making your onward journey through London or across the UK, then the BA Galleries Arrivals Lounge might be a perfect stop to add to your itinerary. The lounge is only for long haul travellers, and contains a hydrotherapy room, showers and spa treatments, as well as facilities to steam or press your outfit. Before you head off, make sure you grab a bite from the tasty breakfast buffet.

Finally, for those looking for some truly exceptional service when passing through Heathrow, their elite, VIP options provide complete privacy and personalised luxury, ensuring that you have everything you need or desire.

Available for groups of up to 12 people, you can book your own private lounge space, dedicated security channels and even a private limousine transfer from the aircraft to your lounge, wherever you may plan to go afterwards, as well as a Michelin-starred chef to prepare your dedicated menu. While the price tag might be a little hefty for most everyday passengers, if you’re looking for a unique airport experience that you will never forget, then it’s hard to beat.