London’s Best Food Markets

London’s Best Food Markets

Since the Mediaeval period, London has always been a hub for commerce and trade. The River Thames, as far back as Roman times, lends itself to trade thanks to its clear path into the north sea and beyond. The Thames therefore, is one of the vital factors that led to London becoming the English capital city and such a prime tourist hub for guests of meeting rooms near Heathrow Airport.

The city still holds the echoes of river trade, with many markets still rooted beside the Thames. Indeed, the city of London is home to a plethora of markets selling a range of wares. Often diversifying and shape shifting through the week, the markets of London are famous for their variety. Whether you’re planning to eat at restaurants near Heathrow or in central London, some of the best food markets in the city often provide the ingredients and inspiration for the most successful eateries in the country. 

So if you’re a foodie looking for some inspiration for your own concoctions or you have a hankering for a snack and hours to go before your dinner reservation, London’s best food markets will ignite the taste buds and elevate your visit. This blog will outline some of the best in London, offering guests of our accommodation near Heathrow Airport and beyond with handy tips for when to visit and how to reach them.

Borough Market

Borough Market

Located beside London Bridge, Borough Market is one of the most popular – and busy – food markets in London. This is because of its location in a thriving business district and its 7 day a week openings. The market is home to both fresh produce and street food stalls, all of which showcase the best of London’s food scene.

Southbank Food Market

Situated behind the Southbank riverside, the South Bank Food Market serves a sizzling array of street food for visitors to the many cultural institutions at this riverside hub. Expect noodles, Japanese katsu, pizza and even more international cuisines, representing the heady cultural collage that is the English capital city.

Bang Bang Oriental

A bit of a trek seeing as its situated in the northern borough of Colindale, Bang Bang Oriental is well worth the Piccadilly Line journey thanks to being one of the largest Asian food halls in the country. With 27 different stalls and enough seating for nearly 450 foodies, this space includes not only Asian food, but oriental dance classes and studios, beauty parlours and more. In short, this is North London’s Asian hub and the community feel is electric, as is the food.

Berwick Street

Guests of the Park Grand London Hounslow exploring the West End will probably want to recuperate amidst the all-singing, all-dancing hubbub of the theatre district and there’s no better place than the Berwick Street Food Market. Here visitors can enjoy what is allegedly a market that’s been running for 300 years, and incorporates more than 20 street food stalls stocking Afghan, Spanish, Greek and more. Berwick Market is open Monday to Saturday between 8 am and 6 pm.

Camden Market

Camden Market

We’re not talking about the goth t-shirts and head shop appliances, they’re more an eye and noseful than a mouthful, but instead the canalside food market in Camden’s West Yard. Located behind Lock 17, Camden food market was curated by the group KERB and though they no longer run the West Yard’s food market, their vendors are still live and kicking. For pre gig or post-pub burgers, Young Vegans nourishing delights and the wacky ice cream experiments of Chin Chin Labs, Camden’s West Yard is the place to be.

Buck Street Market

Buck Street Market is another Camden gem, consisting of three floors worth of shipping containers filled with street food and brewery companies. Open between Tuesdays and Sundays from 11 till 7, the rooftop gardens are perfect for grazing and the terrace seating makes Buck Street a slice of summer serenity.

Shoreditch Boxpark

The shipping container stalwart of East London, Boxpark is a labyrinth of pop up fashion boutiques, bars and of course, food vendors. The two levels and pumping soundsystem make for an atmospheric introduction to Shoreditch whilst the diverse street food stalls are second to none.

Market Row, Brixton

Moving on to Brixton now, Market Row and Brixton Village is a series of sheltered market and shop stalls that again offer diverse selections of wares including vintage shops and fashion boutiques as well as sit in restaurants. The street food is top notch too, with a huge variety of offerings that include Japanese pancakes and sizzling Latin dishes, all within an accessible and friendly maze that truly represents the spirit of historic Brixton.

Pop Brixton

Pop Brixton isn’t just a food stall hall of fame, it’s a social hub too. Consisting of a courtyard brimming with built up shipping container fronts, you can enjoy boutique noodles, handcrafted pizzas and a DJ set or two on the weekend. 

Broadway Market

With over 100 stalls every Saturday between 9 and 5 pm, Broadway Market in the London Fields area is also home to a wealth of cafes and restaurants too – you might just have to peek behind the stalls to find them. On the quietest of days, Broadway Market is already a busy, ultra-trendy meeting place and hangout spot for locals, so you can expect large crowds down this Hackney lane on a Saturday afternoon.

Deptford Market Yard

Beneath the railway arches of Deptford High Street, the Market Yard is a spacious and thriving collection of street food must-tries. This area of Southeast London is already awash with vegan cafes, craft breweries and restaurants, and Deptford Market Yard, open between Monday and Saturday till 11 pm and Sunday till 10, is a hotpot of tapas, Caribbean jerk and kitsch cocktails.

The Kitchens At Old Spitalfields Market

Tucked between skyscrapers in the Liverpool Street financial district, this afterwork hangout and lunch break food maze is awash with variety. With ten stalls with unique signature dishes, The Kitchens in Old Spitalfields is the go-to for foodies exploring the historic City of London district.