London’s major airports


London is one of the most visited destinations and is also a transport hub with millions of passengers flying via its major airports every year. The city has 5 major airports which are required on account of the heavy influx of tourists and visitors to the city. All of them have good transport links to the centre of the city which make them ideal arrival destinations for visitors to London. The five major airports that service tourists and visitors to London are:

95628628Heathrow Airport: Most visitors to the country fly to one of Heathrow’s 5 terminals, which make it out of the busiest airports in the world. It serves over 90 individual airlines that operate from more than 170 major airports across the world. It is very popular especially, with business travellers on account of its excellent connectivity and the many fine hotels in the area like the Park Grand Heathrow.  With a number of transport options like the London Underground, Heathrow Express and Heathrow Connect etc, getting to central London is never a problem.

Gatwick Airport: Although Gatwick airport is further from the city centre this is compensated by a very good transport network. If you travel by bus the trip may take up to 90 minutes, subject to the time of travel and traffic. There also are trains that run periodically from Gatwick to London Victoria. Although Gatwick is smaller is size and volume of traffic than Heathrow it is more popular with discount and charter flights.

Stansted Airport: While not as large as it two better known counterparts Stansted serves a large number of budget airlines, that makes it a preferred option with tourists. Although, the airport is about 50km to the north east of the centre of London there a variety of transport connections that makes it easy to travel. Some of the popular modes of transport include Stansted Bus, easyBus and Terravision into London with the favourite destinations being Baker Street, Victoria Station and Marble Arch.

Luton Airport: Luton is further away approximately 56km to the north of the city. It is one of the smaller airports with a single runway and is mainly in use by budget airlines, which fly to a a number of destinations in Europe. With the airport being a good distance from the centre of London, it  involves travelling through some of the busiest routes, so to travel there by bus it takes careful planning  and time. An option is using the train with a train station being close to the airport, which takes less than an hour.

London City Airport: It is only 11 km from the city centre and this small central airport is ideal for private charted light aircraft that need minimal take-offs and landings space. Its location close to the financial heart of London, Canary Wharf makes it the chosen airport for business flights and travellers to the financial hub. Also it enjoys good connectivity to the city with a number of bus connections and the Docklands Light Railway.