Look out for the major tourist attractions in London


The multi-cultural city of London is not only the capital of England but is also being counted as one of the largest cities in Western Europe having a population of over 15 million. Owing to the eccentric features of the London city, it remains the world capital of finance, fashion, education, trade, culture, music, fashion, etc.

There are a number of tourist attracting destinations in the city which desirably fulfill the travelling quotient of each and every visitor who thinks of visiting London. While roaming around the city, you may find it difficult to make a list of all those important points which you are looking forward to visit. For the first timers, it is important to look for a travel guide who can make the trip a wonderful as well as convenient for you within your stipulated budget rate.


The Tower of London

One of the famous attractions of central London would definitely be the Tower of London which is located near the River Thames. This Tower is popular for being used as prison, armory, royal palace and a zoo.

Windsor Castle

The official home of Her Majesty the Queen, The Windsor Castle was built over 900 years ago and is also considered as one of the major tourist attracting destinations in the outskirts of the city of London. If you are looking forward to experiencing the enriching natural beauty of the city at its best then you would be having undoubtedly the best time of yours at the castle where the beautiful English countryside is there to sooth the eyes and the large picturesque gardens surrounding the castle mesmerize every visitor.


London Eye

The triumphant cantilevered observation wheel is meant to explore London with an altogether different perspective. A 25 minute slow motion ride would definitely let you witness the city at its desirable best. The breathtaking views of the international capital would be thoroughly enjoyed in a clear day. The 360 degrees turn would feel magical as you get to enjoy the most amazing spun of your life.

Cruising on River Thames

Perhaps the most important as well as visited travel destination in the city of London would always be the river banks of Thames. A river cruise on Thames would be a delightful event making all the visitors of capturing beautiful glimpses of the Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Cutty Sark, Westminster Abbey and many more. If you are staying in a hotel near Heathrow airport, then you should consider arranging for a trip designer who would plan the entire tour for you properly.