Making the most of your spa experience


33812545So, you’ve booked an indulgent massage at a top spa resort? Excellent choice, you deserve to be pampered every once in a while and you certainly won’t regret it for a moment. However, in order to really get the most out of your spa experience, there are a few things you should consider. The last thing you want to do before embarking on a day of relaxation is to get stressed out just as you’re leaving the house. For this reason, try and plan ahead so that when the day of your appointment arrives, you’ll feel calm and collected rather than worn out and tetchy.

Plan your route
If it’s the first time you are visiting the spa, then make sure you know the exact location of the resort. Many spas are set in beautiful landscaped gardens that are set back from the main road, so to avoid getting lost, and potentially being late for your appointment, make sure you know the postcode of the venue before you start out on your journey. This way you can program your smart phone or sat nav to direct you smoothly to where you need to be, so whether it’s a countryside retreat or a chic spa in London, you’ll be sure to arrive effortlessly and punctually.

Arrive early
A common mistake people make when going for a spa treatment is to rock up ten minutes before the appointment time. This is far from ideal for more than one reason, but not least because it means you’ll need to hurriedly check in at reception and then get changed into your swim wear. In most places, you are requested to be in the relaxation room at least fifteen minutes prior to your treatment; this is to fill in any arrival forms to signify any underlying medical issues or allergies that you may have. (Always notify any therapists of allergies, but in particular iodine allergies, as this is often used in treatment masks.) However, if you’ve only arrived with ten minutes to spare and still need to locate the changing area, find a locker and get changed, you can see how quickly you could go from chilled out to stress out.

There’s also the whole lounger situation to avoid too, much like having to wake up a t the crack of dawn on holiday to claim the sun lounger in the best spot. Most spas only have a small number of relaxation loungers poolside, so arriving at the leisure club early will also help you to grab a great spot that’s close enough to the spa to be convenient but far enough away from the constant whirring of the Jacuzzi.

Preparation is key
If you have booked a super indulgent spa body treatment, whether it’s a full body massage, or even a luxury pedicure, it’s worth remembering that preparing your body beforehand will ensure you receive the most benefit from the products that are applied to you. One of the best ways to do this is to take a shower prior to entering the spa, then proceeding to enjoy a good twenty minutes in the hot tub or steam room. Doing this will open your pores and soften your skin, allowing all of the nutrients from the oils or lotions used during your treatment to penetrate your skin more deeply than if they were applied on skin that has traces of make up or fragrance on. If you’re worried that using the pool before hand will mean sitting through your spa treatment in wet swimwear then don’t panic, disposable underwear is available to change into in the treatment room if you so desire. If you do use the spa facilities prior to your treatment then don’t forget to shower all of the chlorine away before stepping into the treatment room.

Switch off
Most luxury spa resorts operate a no mobile phone policy; so let your nearest and dearest know that you will not be contactable for the majority of the day. In a fast paced world where we are always available through texts, emails and mobiles, it can be a refreshing change to be completely unreachable, even if only for a few short hours. Turn off your mobile, but also turn off your mind, Try and leave your worries behind and allow yourself to become totally immersed in the blissful atmosphere that the spa offers. After all, you’ve probably paid out enough to be there, so no doubt you’ll want to make the most of every facet of the entire spa experience- right down from the extra-soft, extra-fluffy white dressing gown to the complimentary herbal tea, so it’s imperative that you allow your mind to switch off and take some time out to spoil yourself.

Hang around afterwards
Most spa body treatments will take around an hour to complete, but you won’t be rushed out of the treatment area until you feel ready, so when your therapist leaves you to get ready, take a few minutes to just lie still and enjoy the deep state of relaxation you will be in. Some people have even fallen asleep post massage, so you won’t be the only one to do so, if you do find yourself drifting off. However, be mindful that other people may have appointments too, so do get dressed and move into the relaxation room to continue chilling out. You are also entitled to use the spa facilities for a while afterwards too, so don’t hurry home. Instead, use this time to take a swim, sit in the sauna or even let your cares float away in the Jacuzzi or spa bath.