Must visit Hounslow attractions


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While you enjoy a luxurious stay at the Park Grand London Heathrow, here’s a list of places you can explore in Hounslow.


Hounslow Urban Farm

London is one of the unique cities that is forever-buzzing with its city character and still manages to beautifully blend its farm and park culture with it. The Hounslow Urban Farm is one such unique example. A great place to spend a day-out with your family or friends, this farm is a pure joy. Here you can interact with a number of farm animals like cows, pigs, sheep, goats, ducks, poultry, rabbits and ponies. It’s an experience both adults and kids can enjoy. Sprawling over 29 acres, it is London’s largest community farms. An entertaining place to take a break from the city, this place also has its own café and a souvenir shop. For people with disabilities, there is a Soft Play Reflection unit with music, smells and sounds.

Bedfont Lakes Country Park

This award winning park, offers you a series of lakes, woodlands and meadows. It blushes green with over 300 plants and 140 bird species. Newly made, it offers great parking options, two parks for your children to play, disabled access, toilets and picnic tables in every corner of the park. It’s also a great park for dog walking and exercising. You can indulge in a number of activities here like walking, running, cycling, orienteering, and trim trailing or doing volunteering work for the conservation of the lake. It’s a great place to stay active in the lap of the nature.  At this excellent attraction, you can spot a lot of wildlife as well indulge in some bird watching activities.

Treaty Shopping Centre

A great place to shop and eat, you can enjoy a bad weather day here. The mall offers many high-street brans for men, women and kids. Plus, it has a number of great eating joints. You can also find nice salons here to enjoy some pampering. Enjoy free Wi-Fi in this mall along with ample parking space.

Hounslow Heath

This 200 acre of local natural reserve is of great historical importance, going back to the Norman times. In its glorified past this place was used as the Royal hunting grounds, Military camps and training grounds, for public hanging of Highwaymen and robbers, agricultural and parliamentary enclosures, development of cartography and the Ordnance survey, early industrialisation and gunpowder manufacture. It was also used for the First World War air defences and development of civil aviation, extraction of sand and gravels; waste and refuse disposal. Today this space is utilised for wildlife conservation, recreation and education. Visit this iconic place for wildlife sightseeing, see a variety of flora and fauna, reptiles, mammals, amphibians, invertebrates and other habitats of the heath along with a beautiful experience of bird watching.

Hounslow Arts Centre

This place is a must visit if you are interested in witnessing some great art and theatre while your stay in London’s Hounslow area.