Old Deer Park- The royal landscape of London


Old Deer Park is 147 hectares extended open space area set up in Richmond town of London and is generally bounded by the River Thames to its west and Kew Gardens to its north and the other directions of south and east have Richmond. The eccentricity of the Old Deer Park lies in its wonderful location by the side of river Thames. Unfortunately the park has lost its earlier glory owing to mishandling which has been led by the development of inappropriate car parking areas near the park. Over the years due to improper maintenance and inadequate plant growth control, the park does not possess the previous charming aura which at one point used to attract the visitors’ attentions.

richmond park

The park found use a cricketing ground since 1867 and according to the historical facts, the ground has also hosted a couple of friendly matches of Middlesex Second XI and Surrey Second XI. Many List-A matches had also been played on this ground.

The most attractive aspect of the Old Deer Park have been listed below. Set your eyes on them to get a closer look on the various features of the park which make it a place worth visiting even today.

(a)   Recreational facilities providing ground. Various recreational games like soccer, rugby, cricket, tennis, bowling etc. are played over here.

(b)   King’s Observatory Compound

(c)    Richmond Athletic Ground is located here

(d)   Pools on the Park, the major attractive point in the park

(e)   Car parking and other facilities are easily available.

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