Only Heathrow can connect North and Western Lancashire businesses to emerging markets


With the growing UK economy going greater places with the proposed expansion of the Heathrow airport, there are many local areas which are benefiting from such deals. Businesses across North and Western Lancashire for example are one of those regions which would benefits with the improvement of connections. The expansion would enable better connections with the emerging markets and this would help the economy in a big way. The airport also had a dinner which was hosted by the Chamber of Commerce in the local area. Matt Gorman the Director of Corporate Responsibility and Environment at Heathrow spoke at the dinner and indicated how the local business at Lancashire would be benefitted with the increase in the direct, regular flights leading to a direct growth in the emerging economies. Heathrow as is well known is the only hub airport and also the only one which can combine a great combination of freight, transfer and direct flights which makes the regular long haul routes feasible.

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How would the expansion help Economic Growth?

At the airport at Heathrow, business trade would be 20 times more with the emerging markets having daily direct flights to the United Kingdom. Since the last decade the routes have been handled by the other hub rivals in Amsterdam, Paris and Madrid. Britain of late has been missing out on a lot of trade and business due to this. With the air exports in the North West valued at around 7.3 billion pounds, it is only Heathrow airport which can keep the United Kingdom in the centre of global economy. It will also help to connect each and every economic centre in the country to other growth markets and thus keep the circle of inbound tourism feasible. As Norman Tenray, the President of North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce said Heathrow being a very important hub connecting the rest of the world with the United Kingdom; its economic benefits cannot be ignored. If the UK has to be in the centre of attention of all businessmen across the country then it is connectivity, capacity and expansion that are the need of the hour. It is not only because it handles passengers but also because today Heathrow is the largest UK port, that the airport expansion would benefit all.

Heathrow as an Essential Connection

However, it has been seen that when we look into the exports and imports of the country, the Heathrow airport certainly would do a lot better with expansion. Most of the Lancashire exporters and freight forwarders find the Heathrow as an important tool of operations as it serves the maximum destinations. The expansion would only help to improve international trade and also increase inward investment. Tourism would be enhanced and employment opportunities would increase. Hotels like BEST WESTERN PLUS Park Grand London Heathrow would see a greater influx of tourists coming in, thus putting the entire country as a hub of global economy. There has been also a concerted effort to develop newer routes to the global markets from the other cities in Europe like Liverpool and Manchester. Let us for example view the varied proposals for expansion and understand how this would benefit overall growth in the country.

The Proposed Plans for Expansion

The proposals for expansion at Heathrow include an independent National Connectivity Task Force which has the responsibility of forming stable proposals and also recommendations for improving the access to other regions in and around Heathrow. Members of this force would have the airline representatives from national airports, Local enterprise partnerships, Chambers of Commerce, and businessmen from around the country. The Task Force would give a final report by the end of this year and would also keep everyone updated about the discussions that are going on with the Airports Commission on the expansion of the capacity of the airport in south-east. This has been possible only after a year of consultation with varied business oriented people across the entire United Kingdome. During this time the chambers of Commerce stressed on how important transport connections are for enhancing business.

Heathrow’s Plans and how they would Be Executed

Matt Gorman is the Director of Corporate Responsibility & Environment at Heathrow. According to him Heathrow has a very important role to play in linking the international markets to the British business. These are all at a risk mainly in the regions in the United Kingdom. Areas like Lancashire need more help with the business structure thus they would benefit with the proposed expansion. With Heathrow having submitted the final plans for another runway to the Airports Commission, in the month of May, there have been more discussions with local businesses, the people living in the area and all the businesses in the country. All of them have shared and endorsed the view that an expansion would be beneficial for the growth of economy in the country. Heathrow occupies a prime position in the functioning of the country. The economy and the related growth is directly related to the growth of the country. Thus an expansion is the best choice for putting the country on the global chart.

The Expansion and the Benefits to North and Western Lancashire businesses
North and Western Lancashire thrives in businesses that would survive better with better connectivity with other regions. This is possible if Heathrow airport is connected efficiently. An expansion here at the airport would improve connections with local and other surrounding regions in the country thus facilitating a smooth communication and transport system which would directly ease out the problems involving growth of an economy in a small region. This is the reason it has been endorsed by all and sundry and the entire deal and discussion would get over by January 2015. Things seem bright for Heathrow right now and with the Directors too supporting the proposal, it would be a better future for British economy now.