Plan the perfect group holiday to London


The popular saying, ‘more the merrier’ only gets better in London. The city has so much to offer, explore, and experience that it makes one the best destination to travel in a group. Whether you are travelling as a family, friends or colleagues, you can enjoy a lot here as a group as well as save money in availing group discounts.


When travelling as a group to London you need a comfortable and luxurious hotel that caters to the needs of all. With a big group travelling together it is a good idea to stay close to the airport. This way, you will avoid the rush and confusion of traveling with the entire luggage into central London and doing the same drill on your way out.  One the most ideal hotels in the area that offers the cosiest place for you to relax and unwind after a day full of exploring and enjoying is the Park Grand Heathrow hotel close to Hounslow and only a short way from the Hounslow East tube station that quickly connects you central London.

In this hotel you enjoy the benefit of free Wi-Fi, stylish rooms with all modern facilities and amenities. It offers ample parking space, great restaurant and bar and also meeting and events rooms.

When you are travelling in a group to London, you can save a lot of money on group bookings and enjoy a very budget friendly trip. Here’s a list of attractions and things you can do to make the most for your trip.

Attractions and Experiences

You will be amazed to see how much you can save on popular London attractions when you go for a group booking instead of booking it for one or two people. The group discounts are huge, lets you skip the queues easily (offering a separate entrance for people visiting in groups) and are a great of exploring London attractions.  The following places offer great group discounts:

  • The Tower of London
  • Paul’s Cathedral
  • The view from the Shard
  • ZSL London Zoo
  • Ripley’s Believe or Not! Museum
  • Events at the Wembley Stadium
  • Churchill War Rooms
  • British Museum
  • Thames river cruise: Dining and cruising experience
  • Royal Opera House
  • Shakespeare’s globe theatre
  • The royal Philharmonic Opera
  • Mystery Cube
  • HMS Belfast
  • Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
  • Museum of London
  • Many walking tours to explore London


Travelling in group also helps you save a lot on your travel. From flight tickets to travelling in the tube and train to see the many attractions of London, you can save a fortune. You can vail big discounts via the discounts offered to group travellers. On the tube you can buy the Group Travel card that works on tube as well as buses, will save you a lot of money when shuffling from one attraction to another. Even sharing a cab can prove to cheaper for a few than one person.

All the reasons above and more makes travelling in a group a hit and needless to say it gives you the best travel stories and memories.