Rugby in London


London is one of the world’s greatest rugby cities.  There have been countless memorable nights at Twickenham as England have battled to hard earned wins with the crowd relentlessly cheering them on.  There is, however a rich history of rugby that is deep rooted in the fabric of the city.  This is a history that goes well beyond the elite players and conditioned athletes that make up the England team.  This is a history that prides itself in community and in family.  It is a history that stretches to school playing fields and local rugby clubs.  Here are the best ways to experience all that rugby has to offer.

  • See the History

The World Rugby Museum is located at Twickenham.  This gives an amazing insight into the origins of rugby and the history of the sport.  It is a must visit for any rugby enthusiast who wants to know more about the origins of the game.  There are also temporary exhibits that give an insight into different aspects of rugby.  One of the most recent for example, shows the behind the scenes work that goes into making the match days a success, from the maintenance of the stadium to tending to the pitch and is a great opportunity for fans to see the dedication and skill of the staff who make it all possible.

  • Get involved locally

For a fan of rugby, there can be no greater satisfaction than helping and supporting your local club.  Clubs like Grasshoppers rugby football club are the lifeblood of the rugby world.  Young talents are often uncovered at these clubs, and they are vital to supporting our national team.  Clubs often have a number of senior and junior teams for both men and women so there is plenty of opportunity to play, and even if you cannot play, there are always calls for more support on match days.  As focal points for the community, lots of clubs will run fun days or similar fundraising events which are great opportunities to get involved and raise some money for the local team.