Savor Your Taste Buds in Exotic Restaurants in Heathrow


Are you stuck in the Heathrow airport for flight cancellations or delays? Actually, this is a common incident in a busy international airport like it. But, have you ever thought of that what could you do if you stuck in like that? A great idea is to look around and check out the nearby restaurants and eateries.


It’s not too difficult to find a restaurant in Heathrow. Being a major transport and business hub of London, this region is full of restaurants, pus and hotels. Terminal 5 of the Heathrow airport is known to have a great collection of eateries , which are capable of savoring the taste buds of the international travelers. Right from afternoon tea to the fresh caviar, the restaurants here provides you everything.

Now, here is a small list of eateries in Terminal 5, which can definitely help you a lot while looking for a restaurant in Heathrow.

Starbucks: Those who are passionate about freshly brewed coffee can definitely check out Starbucks. From basic black to all other brews, you can find everything here. Muffins and coffee cakes can be added as a wonderful snacks with your afternoon coffee. What’s more! The price is truly reasonable.

Apostrophe: If you are looking for something for exclusive snacks, Apostrophe is the place you should stop by. You will be definitely carried away by this traditional French Patisserie. Apart from the mouth-watering fresh-baked breads and pastries, you can also check out the delicious sandwiches and omelette-filled croissants.

Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar: Those who love seafood can find this restaurant in Heathrow truly good. It’s the place that can offer you irresistible seafood with a discriminating environment. Besides, the long wine list is sure to relax your weary nerves after a long journey. Smoked salmon or caviar with blini and crème fraîche are some of the major attraction here.