Shopping Around Heathrow Airport

Shopping near heathrow airport

When travelling, it can be incredibly stressful to arrive at your destination, ready to begin relaxing and enjoying your holiday, only to find you’ve forgotten to buy that one last thing you needed, such as a travel adapter for your phone charger. Having to source these types of items when on holiday in a foreign country can not only be stressful, but also expensive, which is why it is very reassuring for people travelling via London Heathrow Airport, that, as well as the many bars and hotels that are near Heathrow, there are enough shops in the vicinity to allow anybody to find anything they need.

First of all, there are the myriad shops and stores located within the airport itself. Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest in the world, and has a wide array of shops available to those flying from it, ranging from everyday names such as Boots and The Post Office, to high end boutiques from Prada and Tiffany & Co.. The sheer volume of shops at the airport make it a great place for anyone waiting to board a flight to grab any last minute items, or browse for a luxury purchase.


For those who are staying in hotels near Heathrow, and are preparing either to leave or return home on a flight, there are many local shops that can meet any shopper’s requirements. There are several Asda stores within a short distance of Heathrow Airport, including the Asda Hounslow Superstore, located in the Blenheim Shopping Centre, a short walk from Hounslow Central underground station, which is four stops away from the airport. As well as the usual selection of food and drink that are available in Asda, this superstore contains a George clothing section, where you can buy any holiday clothes you need, a photo department, a pharmacy, and facilities for exchanging travel money, perfect for anyone who wants to shop around for a more competitive exchange rate than those which are often offered at the airport.


Hounslow High Street is just a short walk from the Blenheim Shopping Centre, and again has a great deal of shops that are convenient for those travelling via Heathrow, including an Argos, a great place to look for things you might need when going away, that are too specific to find in a supermarket, such as snorkels or cooler bags. Thanks to the fact that Argos also gives customers the option to check store stock and reserve items, and even order an item to be shipped to a specific shop for collection, it means you can make sure the shop will have what you need before you even enter the shop. Superdrug is another shop located on Hounslow High Street, and is again a great choice for travellers, offering a range of products necessary for travel, from sun creams and after sun lotions, to an array of travel accessories. No matter what you are after, you can be sure of being able to find a shop near Heathrow that has what you are looking for.