Some of the facilities to be found at Heathrow Terminal 3


Terminal 3 at Heathrow started operations in 1961. It is currently used by 26 airlines and helps to transport close to 15.5 million passengers annually. It serves as the operating centre for long-haul or overseas flights, although it also does cater to a few European locations. When travelling to and from an airport one of the main concerns is always the sort of accommodation you will stay at.

One of the benefits of entering or exiting the UK via Heathrow is there are several hotels close to the airport which makes travelling very convenient. To find a hotel close to Terminal 3 you can check the Heathrow Airport Guide or give the information desk a call. If you have an overseas flight and want to travel hassle free with minimum time spent in commuting to and from the airport, always choose a hotel close to Terminal 3.

A few of the facilities and services that are available at Heathrow Terminal 3 include the following:

For Baggage

If you have excess baggage and are able to check in the extra bit in accordance with baggage restrictions you need not worry. You could contact “The Excess Baggage Company” who will undertake the responsibility of looking after your property. They will charge you £8 per item per day
(i.e. 24 hours). There are also baggage storage counters that provide the options of shipping luggage or using a courier along with bag wrap and other services. In case you lose your baggage or there has been a delay you will have to inform your airline operator at the earliest. BA passengers can inform the carrier of any luggage discrepancies at the Arrivals desk that is located in the baggage reclaim area.
Upon filing a claim you will have to undertake the following steps.

  •  Fill in a lost baggage report describing the details of your baggage.
  • Hand over a baggage tag receipt to aid the carrier in tracking your luggage.
  • Make an exchange of contact details and you will be handed a tracking reference number.

Upon being found you will be contacted and can track progress online along with the option of filing a missing or delayed baggage report online.

You can make use of the numerous luggage trolleys that are to be found all over Heathrow Airport and are free of cost. You will find an ample number of trolleys at the baggage reclaim area and departures that will assist in transporting your luggage. They can be taken up to the bus and train station and car parks but not through security control. There are also porter services available to help with ferrying luggage across the airport. It is free for passengers who are with children, the elderly and those with special needs. Other than these exceptions the service cost is £7 and there are no tips to be given.

For Information and assistance

Any passenger who needs information or assistance of any sorts can approach the information desk which lies in the middle of the arrivals area. It is open from 05:30 to 22:30. Another information desk can be found at the check-in area and its timings are from 07:00 to 21:30 hrs.

There is also the option of meeting points provided at all terminals and you will find the meeting point for Terminal 3 on the ground floor within seated area of the arrivals building.

Toilets & Showers

You can access any of the numerous toilets that are to be found in all the terminals within Heathrow Airport at both the departure and arrivals areas. There is also the option of unisex toilets which are for people with special needs and are wheelchair-accessible. You will find showers located after the security area within Terminal 4 and also within some of the airline’s lounge areas.

Foreign Exchange

Passengers who travel to overseas destinations always have the need for foreign exchange and it can be a bit of a hassle. The fact remains that it is a necessity and there can be quitea difference between the prices you pay for the different methods of foreign exchange. Going in for currency exchange at the airport can be quite expensive and this can be avoided by getting the best rates and ordering it online in advance. It will save help you to save on cost as well as time.

There is also the option of pre loaded currency cards which serve like a debit card which is loaded with currency you will need during your trip. It can also be in pounds that are then converted to the currency you will need to use when abroad. This can be one of the cheapest ways to get access to holiday money and can order any of these cards online before your date of travel.

Then of course there are the usual credit and debit cards but then these can incur very expensive charges when used abroad. The terms and conditions are usually changed by banks when these cards are used overseas, so check with your bank in the UK before using them on a trip abroad.

Medical Care

If you need any kind of medical care at Heathrow, the airport provides facilities to take care of any medical emergencies. You will find emergency phones in all the terminals a well equipped and staffed health centre and also a good number of pharmacies. In the event of any medical emergency any of the internal telephones can be used to dial 222 within the terminal. The operator will expedite the necessary medical service staff to the exact location. The Health Centre can be found between Terminals 1 and 3 and is open from 08:00 to 17:00 hrs.

These are just a few of the many facilities and services on offer at Heathrow Airport Terminal 3. For further information you can check with airport authorities or check their website online.