Stay at Hounslow for a peaceful time in London


London is a city that delights the senses through myriad ways. The flurry of cars down the road, the bright lights of the city at night, and the profusion of landmarks – it all makes this city burst with passion. Here, we’ll be looking at what you can do in one of the lesser known areas of the city. Hounslow is in the west of the capital and is found alongside the perimeter of Heathrow Airport and the Heathrow Hotel in London.


Things to do in Hounslow

Many of London’s creative attractions are found here – the Kew Bridge Steam Museum, The Great Conservatory, and St Michael and All Angels Church. The first of these attractions is a based on educating visitors on the story of how London has acquired water for the past two millennia. Insights into the types of pipes, washers, and valves – and how they have advanced in sophistication and design over the ensuing years – will be shared with those visiting. On top of that, a voyage into the history of the country’s steam engines will be explored – numerous artefacts are on display.

The Great Conservatory, built of glass and metal, boats the best garden centre in the borough. With its majestic trees, delight acres of grassland and meadows, it’s a resting place for those who take pleasure in being with nature. While Hounslow is full of things to do, its delight is found in the tranquillity its attractions offer. The St Michael and All Angels Church follows on with the same theme – offering a semblance of a peaceful refuge. There is something intrinsically gravitating about venues with such a deep history, and this is a venue that is ideal for taking a moment to sit, and reflect.

The Hotels in the area

The Hotels in Hounslow are essentially the quintessential romantic hotels in Heathrow. They are boutique, and unique – providing the ideal balance between affordability and luxury. Besides that, those staying at the capital will benefit from staying at a fore mentioned accommodations due to their prestigious location by the airport. It offers them the possibility of arriving and departing out of the city with ease. Those on business would benefit the most from such a location. Besides that, the Heathrow express train allows visitors to arrive in Piccadilly, Central London in only half an hour – giving them access to the heart of the city.

In conclusion, Hounslow – although not necessarily the bedrock of London – is an area that’s full of charm. Those staying at the capital for a honeymoon, or those simply looking to bask in a calmer area of London would do well by booking their accommodation in the area.