Surviving the Winter Blues


When winter comes around, many of us stay cuddled up in our homes – withdrawing from the cold. As a result, we get exposed to less light, exercise less, and naturally end up feeling, overtime at least, worse. Worse in terms of the way we feel, and worse because our energy levels are lower; due to our lower vitamin d levels, and reduced activity levels. For these reasons, many make it a point to use SAD therapy treatment devices in the mornings – which emit the blue light spectrum. Users of the devices report feeling in a better mood after just 20 minutes of use. In effect, these devices act as a remedy for the lack of sunlight in the morning, which also tends to negatively the circadian rhythms of the human body.


In our opinion, just getting out in the morning, even if there’s a lack of sun, provides numerous benefits in the winter. The best thing anyone can do in the winter, to escape the winter blues, is to in essence – embrace the winter. To go out, despite the cold and harsh weather conditions in the form of snow, rain and wind. Naturally, warm clothing is advisable, and a trip during the winter time can perk you up like no other experience can.

Visit London this Christmas season to get an exciting perk-up right in early Winter, and banish the Winter blues. By staying close to the Park Grand Hotel London Hounslow, visitors will be privy to an expansive, luxurious accommodation in central London. The homely refuge gives visitors an unmatched level of comfort and convenience – with its close transport links. One of the best things about staying in a residence of this opulence, is the level of service and amenities you will be privileged to.

In terms of the tips we can offer when planning in London; be sure to pack comfortable warm clothes, and have an umbrella handy! You will most certainly use it during your time here. London’s weather is unpredictable at times, do despite it being winter, it’s possible that you will get some sun depending on your luck.

In conclusion, winter is often a time where people avoid going on holidays. But we believe that when your mood is going down, you need something to bring back a little bit of joy in your life. We believe that something is a trip – ideally to a city such as London.