Take a trip to the Hampton Court Palace & unveil Henry VIII’s love secrets


Having located on the banks of the River Thames, Hampton Court Palace is undoubtedly one of the most important touring attractions of England. It is known to all how much enduring passions Henry VIII had for the palace. Each and every corner of the palace would surely secure a place in your heart and this is all because of the enthralling way with which the magnificent palace had been made.

hampton court

If you are new to the country and are looking forward to explore the exquisite charm of England’ royalty then you must start your tour with the Georgian Rooms of the famous Hampton Court Palace. The entrance to the King’s Apartment lies beneath the colonnade in Clock Court. Your joy of exploring the exquisiteness of the King’s Great Bedchamber, Dining hall, riverside gardens would know absolutely no bounds.

History can never get this much vivid as here you can literally experience all the emotions of Henry VIII when his son got baptized and the other important events of his life. Your tour to the Hampton Court Palace would be a mesmerizing affair if you have been rightfully put up at a hotel near the Hampton Court. This is because, it indeed feels magical to explore the enriching cultural heritage of England’s rich legacy and when you are staying at a hotel near Hampton court – Park Grand Heathrow, travelling to the palace become conveniently easy.

The magical moment of witnessing the place with your own eyes where Henry VIII was crowned and he lived with his six wives is a beautiful affair. Your trip to the European lands would attain its height as you get to explore the historical facts of the British legacy during your trip to the country for the English.

The architectural design of the palace looks simply impressive and the most amazing part is that each and every part of the palace is uniquely carved out. Some beautiful gardens add more char to the delightful aura of the palace. The significance of catching the scenic glimpses of the beautiful Thames flowing by the side of the palace makes it a more pleasurable sight which would certainly secure a place in your heart for sure. The stories of Henry VIII’s love stories generate immense interest among the tourists. You must start your trip to the palace early in order to make sure that you have touched almost all the parts of the Hampton Court Palace.