Ten Ways To Experience Nocturnal London


Like all cities, London never sleeps and there’s always something more to do. In the unlikely scenario that you don’t feel like some shut eye in the Park Grand Heathrow Hotel, there’s plenty to keep you occupied all through the night. With the introduction of London’s night tubes, the regularly running twenty four hour bus services and taxi companies, there’s more to London’s nightlife than just bars and clubs. Here are a few of the more unusual ways to experience London as it glows and bustles into the early hours.

prince charles cinema

The Prince Charles Cinema
Located off Leicester Square, the Prince Charles Cinema plays host to the best in cult and art house cinema. If you want to experience the boutique cinema at night time then book tickets for one of the cinemas regular all night movie marathons. Next year sees the likes of the extended cut of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and a classic James Bond marathon.

The London Bats of Hyde Park
On your night out, why not get spooky over the Serpentine River. Some of England’s largest bats, Noctules, can be spotted flying over Hyde Park at night. The London Bat Group aims to provide conservation for this beautiful yet creepy creature whilst providing information to the public about the winged mammals.

Stargazing at Hampstead Heath
Hampstead Heath is a prime area for star gazing, due to it being the highest point in London. Escape the city lights with the beautiful natural surroundings and what’s more, the Hampstead Heath Science society opens its telescopes for free between 8 and 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays. The six inch Cooke Refracting Telescope was originally built in 1899 and now has a remote controlled guidance system, perfect for catching the hard to see City sky.


Ghost Tours
As a city steeped in a rich and sometimes bloody history, London is home to many supernatural tours. For instance the Black Lion in Hammersmith is haunted by a man shot dead in 1803 and customers interested in the occult can take an after-hours tour of the pub. There are also ghost stories surrounding Holland Park, the Coronet cinema in Notting Hill and the phantom bus of Cambridge Gardens.

The Polo Bar of Liverpool Street
The Polo Bar, next to Liverpool Street Station, is a twenty four hour greasy spoon which will serve you at all times of the day. The menu includes Maple Syrup smothered Pancakes, traditional English Breakfasts and a variety of Eggs Benedict dishes. The Polo Bar is perfect for late night travellers’ of the Best Western Hounslow and early morning commuters alike.

The Tower of London’s Ceremony of the Keys
For those more organised insomniacs, the iconic Tower of London hosts the Ceremony Keys nightly. As stated, organisation is key so as to secure booking for the ceremony, in which the tower of London is locked up each night in a grand symbol of Britain’s security and the literal locking up of the crown jewels. Be sure to book months in advance to see the ceremony, which occurs every night from 9.30pm to 10.05pm.