The Benefits of Staying at Hotels Close to Heathrow Airport


Hotels close to Heathrow Airport present a viable alternative for those visitors to London who are generally inclined towards staying in hotels in the central London area because of the proximity to the various places of interest in that area. The hotels near the airport are especially suitable for those travellers who wish to stay in close proximity to the airport for ease of transport to and from the airport. Visitors, irrespective of whether they are tourists or business travellers, who have come to the city for a day or two also prefer to stay near the airport so that they can relax in the hotel room till the last moment before catching a flight because they know that they will be able to reach the airport terminal within a few minutes.


Moreover, they do not need to worry about getting caught up in a traffic jam. In some cases, the hotels close to Heathrow Airport are situated so close to the terminal that guests can simply walk across from the hotel to the terminal through a covered walkway that connects the two places. Moreover, even for visitors landing at Heathrow Airport after a long and tiring flight, staying in hotels close to Heathrow Airport is also a boon since they can reach the comfort of their hotel room in just a few minutes after clearing all the arrival formalities.

These hotels are also popular because there is a wide range of availability of these hotels ranging from the most expensive to the cheapest varieties making it easy for visitors to choose just the right type of hotel that would offer them the right level of comforts and facilities at a price that they can afford. Discount hotels close to Heathrow Airport are also available in this area. These hotels are in great demand from budget travellers as they can stay in luxury at a discounted room rate that they can afford.

heathrow canal

Besides the attractions in Heathrow, guests at these hotels can easily reach the various attractions of central London as they can commute via the Heathrow Express that can take them to Paddington Station in central London in just 20 minutes.
In the vicinity of Heathrow Airport, you can find many spas where visitors can relax and get rejuvenated. There are some museums here also such as the London Motor Museum. The other attractions include the Beaversfield Park, Hounslow Health Golf Centre and the Hounslow Heath. Guests can visit a bowling alley near the Premier Travel Inn by the Ibis, visit the multiplex cinemas at Feltham, enjoy a day at Windsor Palace, Hampton Court and do some shopping at Kingston. During festive periods most hotels close to Heathrow Airport organise special events to celebrate the festivals such as Easter, Christmas and the New Year. The hotels are tastefully decorated and illuminated to reflect the true spirit of the festival. Special lunches and other events are also organised.

Heathrow has three London Underground stations – one for Terminals 1-3, one each at Terminal 4 and Terminal 5. Heathrow Terminals 1, 2, 3 station is in the central area between the terminals, which are a few minutes’ walk away via underground walkways. Heathrow Terminal 4 and Heathrow Terminal 5 underground stations are in the basements of the terminal buildings. All stations are in Travelcard Zone 6.