The best food experiences London has to offer


It might be fair to say that British Cuisine, is not particularly acclaimed or well known around the world. Although some famous yet rather simples dishes such as Fish and Chips or Shepherds Pie do tend traverse the English Border. With that said, Londonprovides guests with conglomerate of fine cuisine from all around the world. Indian, Chinese, Italian, Lebanese, and Turkish restaurants, among others, scatter the city. Variety is without a doubt, not something that’s short in the capital, and so you can really enjoy the best in food the world has to offer here – all in one city. With an executive stay in Heathrow, you’ll be close to central London and all the splendid restaurants it has to offer.


London Heathrow hotels tend to also have their own in built restaurants, meaning you can enjoy a fine meal on a day where you’re not particularly enthused by the prospect of going out. That day might come, if you’ve been going out every day on your holiday, practically walking from the morning to night. Holidays can do that to you, so having the option of having a fine meal at home is welcome.

Funky family restaurants chains can be found around Heathrow, but just the same, high class restaurants can also be found in the area. Fast Food is particularly popular, but we recommend you opt out of the convenience whenever you can. Rather, have a small meal in a small restaurant for lunch, and for dinner perhaps consider a meal at your hotel’s restaurant or at a more opulent restaurant venue than you usually go to back at home.

It’s not often that we take a holiday break, and visit one of the world’s most famous travel destinations. Naturally, it’s only right that we exercise the right to splurge a little bit, and enjoy the finer things life has to offer. Many of the best dining experiences can be had in London. One of them includes enjoying a meal at Sushi Samba – found at the top of the Heron tower. Customers can enjoy Japanese-Brazilian-Peruvian sushi in a buzzing atmosphere at the top of one of the city’s most iconic landmarks.

The adjacent Shard building also offers another familiar restaurant experience – right at the Oblix restaurant. The American dinning place is a New-York style rotisserie/grill which provides guests with spectacular panoramic views of the city while the enjoy the spectacular, delicious food served. It’s found on the 32nd floor; those looking for a restaurant on a higher floor should look into Gong ­­– a Chinese restaurant with flair and the dynamic backdrop of London’s skyline in full view.