The Best Parks Near Park Grand Hotels


Even in the winter, London can be great for lovely park walks. Whilst the luxury of the Park Grand might offer you inside solace, there is plenty of historic and beautiful parklands to explore around the city. Whilst the centre of the city has its gems, North West London, especially the area around the Park Grand London Heathrow Hotel, has a wide range of great walks.

It’s in the name, the Park Grand are one of the best hotel groups in the city for nearby green spaces, and the Heathrow branch is no different. Below are some of our favourite parks located near the Park Grand Heathrow, and some interesting facts about each of them.

Parks Near Park Grand Hotels

Osterley park and house

Osterley Park is one of the largest open spaces in London and is based around the once private land of Osterley House. Osterley House is now a historic tourist attraction run by the National Trust and dates to the 16th century. Nowadays, you can find large fields, parkland and a café on site.

Cranford Park

Dating back to the Saxon era, Cranford Park is a historically important park in North West London. With a beautiful Medieval Church named St Dunstan’s, and 144 acres of park land, this hidden gem has a long history dating back to the 8th century. On top of this, the land which is now a park is known to be one of the most famous haunting sites of the city, a grey lady being seen from time to time walking the grounds.

Hounslow Heath

This nature reserve covers 200 acres of parkland but has a longer history, making it the camping ground of armies during the English Civil War and the site of a barracks against possible French invasions in the 18th century. The beautiful Heath, although large by todays urban standards at 200 acres, once spanned a stunning 4000 acres.

Hanworth Park

Hanworth Park has a history spanning back to the early 20th century, when the large swathes of field were used as an air park and aircraft factory. With a history of flying events including Zeppelin take offs and private flights, the air strip and factories have moved, leaving scrubland and fields, as well as a nearby leisure complex and industrial estate.

Radnor Gardens

Radnor Gardens is a small public park which was opened by Twickenham council in 1903. With a wide range of play areas, running tracks and sports fields, this is the perfect example of a London public park, with 17th century properties lining the side presenting an extra dimension to an otherwise perfect play park.

Richmond Park

Richmond Park is well known as one of the best royal parks in the city. Originally created as a hunting park for Charles I, Richmond Park is now a public deer park and nature reserve, stretching a beautiful 950 hectares of wildlife conservation land, including the beautiful flowery pocket of the Isabella Plantation. The park itself holds a range of historic buildings including the White Lodge, a former royal residence and Pembroke Lodge, once lived in by famous philosopher Bertrand Russell.

Kew Gardens

This famous botanic garden is well known as one of the best examples of botany and exotic plant preservation in the city. Here you can find over 30,000 species of plants, as well as the beautiful Kew Palace.