The Classy Contemporary Capital


London is known for its famous landmarks and staple British characteristics, including the Royal Family, the River Thames and red post boxes. The truth of the matter is that if that were all the city had, it’d be a very small and very expensive place to dwell. With this in mind, there are many chances for Park Grand Heathrow dwellers to stray from the beaten path and partake in some urban exploring. Much like a giant, commuter crown jewels, London hides within its concrete structures and web of railways, some amazing hidden gems. London’s best kept secrets are not advertised on the tourist maps but are instead the go to places for those living in the city, perhaps for that very reason.


With little in terms of tourist attractions, Shoreditch instead boasts a wealth of cultural promise. Incorporating the best of British charm into the globalised and multicultural city that London is, Shoreditch found its early days in the large Bangladeshi community who moved to the area. From this, and lower housing prices, artists began to settle down into the area and brought to the mix of curry houses and bagel shops a vibrant buzz of creativity. From the Old Blue Last to the Rich Mix, there is always music, performance and visual art thriving in the town. Some of the best in affordable fashion is available in many of the independent boutiques dotted around Brick Lane whilst music. Film and books can be discovered in the markets and stores in the area. This area has great transport links to Liverpool Street Station and East London on the overground.

Shoreditch london

The Canals

Of course, with a river as powerful as the river Thames there is always going to be smaller canals you can walk along. From Regents Canal and Little Venice you can traverse, many of London’s quieter spots. In the summer the canal from London Fields takes you right down to Victoria Park and into Hackney Wick, a vibrant arts and nightlife hub. The walks are lovely in themselves; you will often find countless runners and cyclists using them as their preferred route away from the noise and crowds of the main roads. You will sometimes find canal boats doubling up as market stalls and bars and despite its novelty draw of drinking on a rickety boat, can be very charming.


And speaking of parks, there are many you may very well not have heard of in London. From the aforementioned Victoria Park in Hackney to the Magnificent 7 cemeteries where you can find the graves of the inspirational long passed, there are countless areas where you can really escape the buzz and find a whole new world of natural beauty. Chiswick Gardens in West London gives you the chance to explore the sleepy side of London, with it’s amazing houses and its truly british charm, this area exudes classiness and the park is no different with the clink of tea room cutlery and children climbing trees.

Victoria Park